Apple Announces Free iPhone X Display Repair Program For Ghost Touch Issue, Here Are The Details

Although Apple has stopped selling the iPhone X, which came with the release of a new display replacement program going live where the Cupertino-based company said that it will replace iPhone X displays that exhibit the ghost touch issue. If you are looking for it, then check out what actually you need to know.

According to Apple, some iPhone X displays can experience problems with responsiveness due to a display module component that can fail. This new replacement program is for that actually. With some iPhone X units facing the issues with their device screens. Some users have even reported that their displays were exhibiting phantom touches, with the screen registering a touch when one hadn’t been initiated. Now, Apple says that it will replace displays that are defective due to faulty display module component.

Note: Affected devices have a display or part of a display that does not respond to touch or responds intermittently or a display that reacts without being touched at all.

Apple says that if anyone who has been living with such issues can now get themselves a free repair by either an Apple retail store or one of the many Apple Authorized Service Providers at no cost. That too, with no checking of serial number nor specific time period that outlines when affected devices were sold.

So presumably this display component failure can impact any iPhone X device, suggesting this problem can befall any iPhone X on existence, even those that have been sold recently. The iPhone X was also available to buy prior to the arrival of the iPhone XS.

Complaints about ghost touches and displays that fall to respond to touch have been circulating on the web for several months now, dating back to when the iPhone X was first released. Anyone planning to take full advantage of Apple’s offer of a free repair should make sure that their devices are fully backed up going to a repair center or Apple Store shelter.

Point to be admitted that if a device has a cracked screen which may need to be repaired before the defective component can be replaced. That won’t be covered under a no-cost repair process, obviously.

And also Apple says you can contact Apple Support in order to get a refund on any fees you paid earlier for a repair that would fall under this new program. While this Apple program does not extend the standard warranty coverage of the iPhone X, and repairs may be restricted or limited to the original country of purchase. This program covers affected iPhone X devices for three years after the first retail sale of the unit.

For more info on this, check out Appleā€™s page on the issue here.

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