iPhone X Emulated To Run Windows 95 And SimCity 2000 Game [Video]

There are several things that take our breath away, and sometimes those things also make us scratch our heads. And what we have right here is an iPhone X, apparently running Windows 95 on the Apple’s 2017 flagship with an ease.

We have seen someone running Windows on Apple products in the past. Not just the iPhone, hackers also managed to put Windows 95 on the Apple Watch as well. That’s not all, either, because as a result of putting Windows 95 it also seems to be capable of launching Microsoft Word and, amazingly, SimCity game.

Screenshot of iPhone X running Windows 95 & SimCity game

There’s no doubt that the iPhone X is very much powerful. It boasts performance that surpasses several flagship smartphones in all segments. However, the emulation has never been performed on the iPhone X, so it would be fascinating to see what the emulation does with the notch at the top. The video, available on YouTube is published by YouTuber “Hacking Jules.” Shows up everything in the matter right below.

Hacker Manages To Run Windows 95 On The iPhone X, Here’s How?

The hacker not only runs Windows 95 on the X device but also plays SimCity 2000. Before we go detailing the video, you have to note that the operating system is twenty-two years old. It was pretty slick back in the days and it carried out mainly all of our daily professional and educational needs. What’s impressive is that to see how it performs on the iPhone X.

Through the course of almost five minutes, it shows an iPhone X being used to start Windows 95, with touch gestures working fine as you might expect and an on-screen cursor interacted with by swiping around the desktop. Launching SimCity works as you might expect, and the use of Word even includes an on-screen keyboard and successful text input.

The Minesweeper game runs with no issue and in fact, the hacker moves on and runs the SimCity 2000 game on the iPhone X. For the unknown, SimCity is an outdated game, seems to work perfectly on the iPhone X. The developer also performs a bevy of tasks so do check out the full embedded video for more details.

Jules says that this is all made possible with the help of PowerDOS emulation. And to be absolutely honest we now just want to see a video of the iPhone X running Doom or anything else from our childhood. Although SimCity 2000 is still the best version of that game, period. Excellent choice there, Jules!

As for the notch at the top of the iPhone X’s display, the same emulation app does not have any major impact. It’s because it is not scaled to the device’s interface. You will see huge letterboxes on the top and the bottom portion of the display.

You can hide the iPhone X’s notch using Notch Remover app, downloading from the Apple’s iOS App Store for free.

As aforementioned, the idea behind iPhone or iPad running an ancient version of Windows is not anything new, but this is the first time we see an iPhone X used for such a feat of modification. There is something beautiful about the 20-year-old Microsoft’s OS running on a 2017 flagship smartphone, though we suspect Steve Jobs would see things differently!

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