iPhone X Face ID Faces Off Vs Identical Twins And A Shaved Beard [Videos]


With iPhone X‘s early reviews, hands-on videos have already now starting to pop up online. But what we are starting to see is what the smartphone is capable of when left in the hands of normal people, far from the protective comfort blanket of an Apple employee.

The first question surrounds Face ID, the iPhone X’s facial recognition, and a fleshy new authentication system. Whether it, the Face ID can be fooled by identical twins? Apple says that such a situation may prove troublesome. Though the proof of the pudding is always in the eating, as they say. Now, Business Insider has put together Face ID to the test against getting it into the hands of identical twins to see how Face ID faces off.

The result is quite surprising. In a video published by the outlet, we find that the identical twins both putting Face ID through its paces. The outcome is that no, at least based on this testing, an identical twin should not be able to access a phone owned by the other twin brother without knowing their passcode. However, this will, no doubt, depend on a number of factors. As we suspect that not all identical twins will find that they have the same results as Business Insider. But nevertheless, it’s an interesting outcome. We expected quite the opposite, we know that much.

Another scenario that could give a confusing Face ID result. That is one of some men may run into relatively regularly. Apple has said it already that a man growing a beard will not cause an issue with authentication – growing a beard takes time and is gradual, Face ID continues to learn throughout – what happens if you have a beard and then shave it off in one fell swoop? A thought of that one too shown off.

In this instance, things are not quite as clear as you think. In the testing on-video, it seems the results were mixed. With Face ID able to adapt to the change and authenticate it after a couple failed attempts. You can finally watch both the videos below.

(Source: Business Insider [1], [2])

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