iPhone X Features Hides Everything From Prying Eyes And More

Apple’s iPhone X is still a few weeks from its release and the pre-order day is fast approaching. In fact, it’s now exactly three weeks away. The hot new handset will hit the store shelves on November 3rd. That’s not what we are taking care about, rather interested in revealing some of the iPhone X’s Face ID feature and other things that it won’t show lock screen content to anyone else. Here are the details you want to know about it.

Every single iPhone X received by every single store around the world will be sold instantly for months. When the company unveiled the iPhone X and the rest of its 2017 iPhone lineup last month, it spent a ton of time focusing on the X-factor. And yes, of course, Apple did its best to cover all of its key features on its tenth anniversary iPhone. The new tech packed in there that it would have been impossible to cover it all, and today we’ll continue to uncover exciting new features ahead of and following the iPhone X launch next month.

First, the Face ID. The new facial recognition feature does more than unlocking your iPhone X when Apple’s new smartphone ships next month. But also it will keep someone’s wandering eyes from peering at your lock screen notifications.

The feature that taps into the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera detects if it’s you or someone else looking at your phone. If it’s not you, Face ID will be smart enough to minimize any notification alerts that come through. Clever!

Notifications will then simply display with the app title and nothing more when the owner hasn’t unlocked their device. While on older iPhones this Face ID feature lacked, and now on iPhone X, this is a significant change from previous versions of iOS. You still couldn’t change how notifications displayed sensitive information unless you wanted to turn them off entirely.

Owners could opt to hide Mail and Messages previews in notifications from those apps, but they weren’t this dynamic. Anyone running iOS 11 on their iPhone or iPad can manage just how much of a notification appears on their lock screen, though, not as dramatically as the iPhone X will handle things, apparently. Here’s what a notification will look like in both cases:

To do so, just go to Notifications in Settings, and select Show Previews. From there, if you select When Unlocked, your iPhone will only display a truncated notification. In Messages, once When Unlocked is enabled, you’ll get a notification on your lock screen that only shows a gotten text message and who from for example.

However, the contents of the text will remain a mystery until you unlock your iPhone, or iPhone X witch your eyes. Apple took years to develop iPhone X, and it’s just a beginning. It’s a welcome change for longtime iPhone users who might enjoy the convenience of lock screen notifications but didn’t want to run the risk of strangers seeing their personal content. It’s something that iPhone X users can look forward to as we get closer to that phone hitting the market.

iPhone X's Face ID Hides

Ever get annoyed by someone looking for notifications even when your smartphone is locked. Those prying eyes can be a nuisance and the iPhone X has a fix for it now. You can relax as the iPhone X won’t reveal your lock screen notifications to anyone but you, and you only.

It works in tandem with Face ID and since the iPhone X has the ability to recognize your face. Or you can also set up your phone in a manner so that lock screen notifications are hidden until Face ID identifies you. This rules out the possibility of people spying on your handset and check who texted you.

In order for this to work, no jailbreak is required but the device must be running iOS 11 and it should be enabled, lock screen notifications will simply read “notification.” As aforementioned, it won’t display a preview of your text or email until you unlock your iPhone X with Face ID.

How to enable hidden previews

Open the Settings app > Tap the Notifications option > Tap Show Previews > Select When Unlocked.

Fortunately, we have not got the chance to test Face ID as yet, but Apple claims that it is extremely fast thanks to the A11 Bionic chips which has a neural engine that can process 6000 billion operations every second.

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