Your iPhone X Hides Notification Previews On The Lock Screen, Why?

.Apple’s iPhone X pre-orders have been taken already and arriving this coming Friday. Before that, we have seen early hands-on and mini-reviews begin to hit the worldwide web.

The early hands-on of iPhone X YouTube video clips include; iPhone X Unboxing, Face ID setup, and others. The first video shows up a quick unboxing, overview and a glance at the tiny little manual that ships inside the retail box alongside iPhone X.

How To Setup Face ID on iPhone X - Video

The small printed manual also gives tips and tricks to users about setting up Face ID and navigating through the operating system on the hardware. The video also shows that the $888 outlay gets you a couple of Apple logo stickers to stick wherever you see fit.

Other than that, the more interesting insight comes from. One of the videos comes with the title “hands-on review” and looks at some of the more interesting aspects of Apple’s new flagship X hardware. This includes the excellent 3D Animoji functionality. The creator of the video also looks at ARKit on the device, which is certainly Apple’s brand new augmented reality framework which takes advantage of the power of A11 Bionic chip inside iPhone X.

iPhone X Unboxing, Face ID, Previews And More

There’s also a gorgeous video that takes a more in-depth look at Face ID and how an actual user would adjust that functionality and train the device to recognize the face, while some other videos focus on other aspects of the device such as the build and OLED edge-to-edge display quality.

Otherwise, the new videos give us a better concern over the iPhone X, including focusing on hardware unboxing, setting up Face ID – Apple’s new flagship facial detection system – and more.

You can check out these iPhone X videos embedded below:

Apart from that, one stood out of may – iPhone X defaults to hiding incoming notifications until an authentication face is detected by Face ID.

Actually, with the introduction of iOS 11, a new feature that allowed the incoming notifications for text apps such as WhatsApp or Messages to be hidden on the Lock screen. As a bit of context, a notification would appear, alerting the user that a message was received, but the preview would be hidden until authentication occurred trough Touch ID or Face ID in iPhone X. The setting is off by default, but nevertheless, with the iPhone X, this setting is turned on automatically, presumably thanks to the integration of Face ID and Apple’s belief that its ability to authenticate seamlessly will make such a privacy feature less of a hindrance.

Theoretically, Apple’s new equation appears to be sound one high. If someone picks up your iPhone X they will not be able to read your message notifications by means. It’s because Face ID will not authenticate them. However, if you pick your phone up to check your notifications, Face ID will authenticate you. And only previews will be populated. The chances are, if Face ID works as well as advertised, you’ll not even see the feature work the majority of the time and that alone is a big plus for privacy and theft security.

Admit that having text previews leave users susceptible to having their messages read. But few of them willing to tolerate the added time and taps required to access information with privacy features turned on. Face ID may well have fixed that problem.

With iPhone X buyers set to receive their handsets this Friday, November 3. Chances are there, you all will see more and more reviews and its feature-rich actions live. Stay tuned for more.

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