iPhone X Has Been Jailbroken Though, Here Are The Details

Here comes the much-anticipating news for iOS device owners who love the wonderful world of jailbreaking.

Potentially, KeenLab has demonstrated a functional jailbreak for Apple’s latest flagship device, that is iPhone X. The jailbreak was also shown off during the recent POC2017 event in Seoul, South Korea, and was shown executing the jailbreak code already on Apple’s iOS 11.1.1 firmware which was released only 24 hours back.

If you’ve been waiting for iOS 11 jailbreak solution, then this is some good news, Liang Chen of Tencent has revealed the world’s first jailbreak for iPhone X running iOS 11.1.1 at POC2017, the security and hacking conference in SK. Nevertheless, there is definitely a lot of excitement flying around the jailbreak community now that this demo, as well as the fact that KeenLab clearly has the required exploits and escalation privileges to produce a jailbreak, has been made public.

Though it is worth mentioning that there was a little information provided about the jailbreak apart from the visibility of it in the video of the on-stage presentation. Liang Chen hasn’t put together any write-up on the situation and hasn’t either publicly released any info about exploits or vulnerabilities being used to create the jailbreak.

At the moment it is not clear if the jailbreak will be released but based on the type of event. However, the great news is that the latest version of iOS 11 software, which was made available to download and install can be jailbroken. And the fact that iPhone X can be jailbroken would mean the vulnerabilities used by Liang Chen could be used to jailbreak most iOS 11 compatible devices.

Given the nature of the conference, and the reality the jailbreak is actually attributed to a relatively well-known security company KeenLab who previously demoed jailbreaks for both iOS 11 betas and iOS 10.3.2, it much more apparent that the exploits and vulnerabilities will be sold off to other companies, or directly to Apple itself as part of the financially lucrative Bug Bounty Program that the company runs, or could just keep it for private research purposes only.

Still, this jailbreak shows us that iOS 11.1.1 does have vulnerabilities which can easily be exploited to produce a jailbreak not just on any device older than the new iPhone, but on the A11 Bionic-powered 2017 flagship iPhone X. The last few public jailbreaks have all had issues with the then flagship hardware in iPhone 7, the fact this one runs on iPhone X is big news.

As this was not the first time Liang Chen demonstrating a jailbreak for iOS 11. He had already a functional jailbreak for iOS 11 beta 2 firmware and 10.3.2 at this year’s MOSEC 2017 conference in Shanghai, China in June.

It is also possible that the iPhone X and iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak is only for research purposes, though it can be jailbroken, the security researcher or hacker may not release a jailbreak into a public domain. But again, it was jailbroken which gives us hope that hackers like the Pangu team will also be able to discover the exploits and develop an iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak tool, not very soon.

Imagine a wave of new tweaks taking advantage of Face ID and gestures on iPhone X? Now that would be awesome to have. Let’s just hope that this is just a start of something bigger to come for general customers.

You can watch the jailbreak demo video right below courtesy of @vangelis_at_POC.

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