iPhone X Successor Rumored To Feature Dual-SIM 4G LTE Carrier Support

There are many reasons why Apple hates to implement a dual-SIM carrier support on its iPhone products. Rumors are somewhat admirable as they sometimes push out accurate information that we believe and can expect from smartphone makers. Like how it was predicted that Apple’s iPhone X recently. Likewise, there are owners already take for granted, but Apple’s iPhone may finally be set to receive dual-SIM support if a report by KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo is to be trusted.

In fact, the report itself is not a new one and we have already discussed it in the past. When the possibility of Intel and Qualcomm chips being used for pre-5G speeds in the successor to iPhone X. It was believed, somewhat hidden in that same report. It mentioned about a new dual-SIM capability.

If the report is anything to go forward then the 2018 iPhone will add dual-SIM support. But again, it’s unclear whether all iPhone models sold will feature it. Samsung, for example, offers special “Duo” versions of its smartphones which allows two SIM cards to be inserted at once. Kuo reports that next year’s iPhones will also get the same two SIMs treatment, with both capable of 4G LTE speeds.

Accordingly, 2H18 iPhone models won’t only offer faster LTE transmission speed: “We predict that at least one of the 2H18 new iPhone models will support dual-SIM dual standby (DSDS). Unlike existing DSDS phones, which commonly support LTE+3G connections, we believe next-generation iPhone models will support LTE+LTE connections, in a bid to enhance the user experience.”

Fitting two SIM cards into the hardware as tightly packed as an iPhone’s innards is no mean feat, though. There is some suggestion that Apple may get around this by utilizing eSIM cards in the form of Apple SIM like iPad Pro series or Apple Watch Series 3. However, it remains to be seen in the future. If Apple were to offer support for multiple SIM cards in one iPhone, we can finally look further to being able to use one iPhone for both business and personal purposes, something those with professional phones have longed for.

Do you agree the fact that Apple is going to add dual-SIM functionality to iPhone X successor?

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