iPhone X Video Shot Gives Us A Closer Look At The OLED Device

X-factor from Apple in the form of iPhone X releasing in just a few days from now. Before that, a new video “secretly” shot at Apple Headquarters (HQ) gives us a closer look at the bezel-less edge-to-edge display OLED iPhone X device in action.

The Apple’s smartphone hardware X is a new flagship device, which is in the works for many years, and going into pre-orders October 27. Thanks to an uploaded video log to YouTube by Brooke Peterson, we’re getting what’s probably the closest and most hands-on look at Apple’s iPhone X yet.

It’s been a treat for YouTubers if they look at what Peterson has documented it by whipping out a video recorder when her trip to Apple’s Cupertino campus. Also making sure that everything is documented in an insightful vlog for her YouTube audience. There’s nothing unusual about that, except for this instance it seems that her father is an engineer within Apple who just so happens to be casually carrying one of the company’s brand new unreleased iPhone X handsets around with him.

The situation definitely gives Brook the perfect opportunity to get a hands-on experience and capture parts of it on video.

Finally, the result is not only the iPhone X video has been documented but also uploaded as well. The length of the clip or the environment that it’s in doesn’t give us the chance to get a hugely complex and technical or in-depth overview of the device and everything that it’s capable of. Nevertheless, we do get is an elongated view of the X device which gives us a close-up look of it, including the stunning “all-screen” OLED display and the highly discussed and polarizing notch at the top of the display. Even what we found is the live data being displayed and also interacted with on the iPhone X Cover Sheet where notifications live.

Otherwise, the video throws up a few bits of interesting info about the device, actually, which is in all honesty. It isn’t exactly game-changing or mind-blowing factor, but which will raise a few eyebrows. As an example, it appears that Apple has placed quick shortcut access to the torch functionality and Camera app within the Cover Sheet (Reachability). There’s also a dedicated “Welcome to iPhone X” banner which presumably takes the user on a walk through the device covering all of the new aspects. Interestingly, titbits of navigating the gesture-based UI of iOS on iPhone X is present.

The video leaked out today of the iPhone X also gives us a look at other areas of the gadget, including the Calendar app, using Apple Pay at Caffè Macs, the native camera in action, and the wonderful new Animoji feature which thrusts facial gesture onto 3D animated emoji icons.

Update: Looks like Apple has made the YouTuber pull the video from YouTube. However, we have another embedded short minor version of the original full video below:

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