iPhone X With New Dynamic Wallpaper Spotted In The Wild [Video]

There are still weeks left to go before Apple officially launches iPhone X, but the fact here what we got is something that lucky few have been able to handle the new Apple smartphone ahead of its sale. With pre-orders opening up a week prior, iPhone X does not go live until November 3rd.

Now, iPhone X with new wallpaper shown off in the wild thanks to new video circulating on the worldwide web.

The short video showing the iPhone X out which is something that will surely start to happen more and more as we edge nearer launch day. Originally, the video was intially posted to Instagram and has pride of place in a Reddit thread. It’s showing off a Silver iPhone X being handled. There is little really to learn from the likes of the video beyond what would appear to be a new live wallpaper. At least by us. The red bubble effect is one that we think will be popular, and it certainly looks to show off that inky black OLED display that Apple is now using in the iPhone X.

Prior to the launch of iPhone X, more photos and videos of the handsets out in the wild will surely come. With a new, previously unseen dynamic wallpaper on the lock screen and Home screen as well. This video shared on the popular forum, is a short clip, embedded below, shows someone swiveling in their hand what looks like a silver glass-backed iPhone X.

As the handset is rotated, the padlock above the time visibly shudders as Face ID refuses to unlock, suggesting the person holding the phone is not the owner.

The iPhone X in the uploaded clip is also displaying an AT^T logo in the upper left corner, adding further weight to the argument this was recorded in the US.

For the rest of us, iPhone X orders begin on Friday, October 27, with the device’s launch date following the other Friday. Now we just need November 3rd to roll around!

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

Another iPhone X in the wild (3 Photos)

Another iPhone X in the wild (3 Photos) from apple

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