Is Electra 1.0.4 iOS 11 Jailbreak Still Freezing Your iPhone? Here’s How To Fix It

If you are a jailbreaker who fancy nothing more than liberating your iOS device from Apple’s walled garden, it’s probably fair to say that you are in a situation over the last few months. For a lot of users, part of that experience has been having to live with a device jailbroken which freezes randomly, that too, without any explanation.

Since CoolStar – developer of Electra – has seemingly gotten to the bottom of that mysterious issue.

Part of the development process of any software is going through multiple iterations in order to try and fix any niggles that users have been facing. The Electra jailbreak went through multiple beta releases for iOS 11 running iPhone and iPad before hitting a version 1.0.0 release, complete with the installation of Cydia and Substitute as part of the game.

However, the two versions 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 were specifically released to fix freezing issue, iOS device owners running iOS 11 were still experiencing random and frustrating hanging problems after they have jailbroken iPhone and iPad with Electra. In fact, CoolStar has taken to Twitter to speak out about this and seems to have what is hopefully a final resolution.

Strangely, it seems that the problem has been tracked down to affecting devices which have the native Apple Maps uninstalled from the device. You may or may not be aware of that, but Apple used to ship iOS with a collection of first-party apps which otherwise couldn’t be removed. However as of last few versions of iOS, it’s possible to delete the stock app from the device, preserving its underlying data, and then reinstall it directly from the App Store if needed.

Ever since CoolStar and his team have detected that a daemon process called “mapspushed” is constantly running in the background even when the stock Maps app is removed, and that’s causing the actual “freezing” problem as it has been conflicting with Electra.

A simple solution arrived is telling to just reinstall the Apple Maps app from the App Store. However, for a lasting solution, CoolStar also suggests doing this:

TweakInjector 1.0.5 and 1.0.5-1 had some issues.

Rejailbreak with tweaks switch disabled in Electra, install 1.0.5-2 from Cydia, then reboot and rejailbreak.

So, there you have it. Finally, a solution to one of the biggest problems which has been affecting those who have liberated their devices using Electra.

(Thanks: @coolstarorg [Twitter])

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