Is That iPhone 8 Apple CEO Carrying In His Pocket?

People on the internet speaking about Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has the next iPhone in his pocket, as evidence by a photo he tweeted today of a visit to a manufacturer. As we only know something about iPhone 8. Unless Apple uses next month’s 2017 iPhone media event to announce some major things, we can’t expect more from it.

Everything said, that it’s time to move on from real leak-based proof. What exactly Tim Cook kept in his trousers? With the keen-eyed enthusiast suggesting that Apple’s CEO was potentially packing an iPhone 8 in his pants during a recent visit to Cincinnati.

First point to be noted is that, if that even is the next iPhone in Tim’s pocket: the upcoming iPhone will be rectangular in shape; it will look quite large in the pocket of a six-foot-something man; and it might draw some attention to your crotch. Then what do you see in Tim Cook’s pocket?

Story begins, after the visit to CTS in Cincinnati was over it was time for the standard marketing pose which would be used to upload to Cook’s social media, such as Twitter. Nothing unusual here, right? Now, when you take a closer look, then you’ll see the phone-shaped item in Cook’s right trouser pocket.

Could that bulge in his right-hand pocket be the next iPhone? At first glance, it looks as though Apple’s CEO simply has a smartphone in his pocket. But it seems like a mysterious device that’s a little tall than the company’s iPhone 7 units. And not wide enough to be an iPhone 7 Plus.

Unless Tim Cook reveals anything, it would make logical sense that he is taking the iPhone 8 on a trip.

It may be actually an iPhone 8 test unit and nothing more than to believe that Tim Cook is walking around with an iPhone 8 on him 24/7. What’s in your pocket Tim? Care to explain.

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