Is This What Samsung’s Foldable Phone Look Like [Design]

Samsung would be the first smartphone maker to produce a variety of hardware designs and something like the Galaxy S Edge, to Note 7 and prepping to introduce its own kind of flip and foldable phones. The South Korean company from the past few years launching several phones in different types running Android, its own Tizen OS, an operating system that’s exclusively designed for touch now.


Samsung seems to be hard on work to make a flip phone that to have two sets of displays facing back to back one one side of the hinge, with a standard numeric keyboard on the other side. It appears that the company wants to improve a bit on the redundancy of having to employ dual displays in one phone, as per the newly submitted patent.

The patent however shows up concept sketches of what should be a flip phone, but with a foldable display. While the special hinge will keep the phone completely upright, like another candy bar shaped smartphone. Nevertheless, it also be foldable, should help in acquiring the large screened phone comfortably in the pocket.

It’s not like how Microsoft Surface Book, a laptop and a tablet. Disadvantage of this kind of a hinge has been witnessed by Surface Book reviews, is that the gap lets dust settle on the inner sides. That Samsung would better consider to fill the gap with the launch of its own Foldable phone.


In March 2015, Samsung has officially announced that it was working on a foldable phone, a project codenamed Project Valley. Rumors although suggests the phone will finally be unveiled next year alongside the 2017 flagship, Galaxy S8.


As aforementioned, Samsung is no stranger of foldable phones, it showcased them at CES in Las Vegas in 2013. A realistic version of a curved screen was offered with the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. Since then Samsung’s whole flagship portfolio has migrated to screens that curve at both edges, with the launch of Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7 being the most recent ones.

There’s a big and huge difference between a phone with a curved screen and a bendable one. As Xiaomi, the Chinese maker already at work on bringing a foldable smartphone in the lab, so it will be interesting to see who will be the first to unveil a new innovation of foldable phone into the market.

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