iTunes And Apple Music Coming To The Windows Store This Year

Plenty of Microsoft-loving individuals who experienced Windows 10 S earlier this month, wondering what it meant for the future of their favorite software installations considering Windows 10 S devices were only capable of installing and running software directly from the Windows Store.

Announced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it all happened during Microsoft’s Build conference, has appeased some of those users by confirming that it working with Apple to bring certain software additions to the Windows Store.

It was previously thought that Microsoft’s new version of its operating system called Windows 10 S only runs software from the Windows Store, meaning that apps like Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Chrome won’t work. But at Build conference for developers, Microsoft announced that Apple is working on bringing iTunes to the Windows Store after all, makes sense.

Many users out there choose to purchase Windows-powered machines or devices over those running Apple’s macOS. However, that doesn’t mean those individuals don’t rely on Apple provided software, such as iTunes. Also doesn’t mean they can’t be subscribers to Apple services like Apple Music. Microsoft after announcing that the two companies are working closely to ensure that iTunes will be available for download and easy installation through the Windows Store later this year, you should be happy to listen that.

The new version of iTunes is heading to the Windows Store by the end of this calendar year, offering full support for Apple Music and iPhone syncing. Supporting the Windows Store is a big step for Microsoft’s move to an all app store model for software distribution. For Apple, the company likely wants to maintain full iPhone support on PCs and ensure its subscription music service is supported as well on new Windows machines.

Remind you that, Apple Music is also supported on Android, for example. and soon, it will be available on the Windows Store. Microsoft has confirmed that at its Build conference. If not it would be a serious shame if iTunes were not to appear on the Windows Store for Windows 10 S hardware after being actively worked on and offered as a Windows app from If decided, Apple might want consumers to move away from Windows to macOS, but the company is a bit intelligent and well experienced enough to know that taht isn’t going to happen in any significant numbers to warrant abandoning Windows support as Microsoft heads toward an all Windows Store installation model with some versions of its Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft has also announced a new solution for PC users who develop iOS apps called Xamarin Live Player, and the company’s IDE called Visual Studio is now available for Mac. When the Windows Store version is released, it will offer all of the functionality that consumers have come across to expect from iTunes on Windows.

Full iPhone and iPad support on PCs will be present, as well as syncing devices and the ability to log into an Apple ID and use an Apple Music subscription, though. With this ongoing partnership between the two companies will ensure that Windows 10 S owners are fully supported when iTunes finally hits the store shelves.

Given the fact that iTunes dropping on the Windows Store later in the year, but the real question remains around how many other developers and software manufacturers will start to offer this type of download through the Windows Store?

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