Looking At iOS 11 / 11.0.2 / 11.0.1 Jailbreak For iPhone And iPad Status

No! Jailbreak iOS 11 / 11.0.2 / 11.0.1 isn’t ready as yet, but the latest state of an iOS 11 / 11.0.2 / 11.0.1 jailbreak on iPhone or iPad is here.

As we all know about Apple and its wonderful job done at progressing iOS with the release of iOS 11 / 11.0.1, but are also very concerned with device liberation and being able to install tweaks and extensions via Cydia. Current status of the jailbreaking community now for iOS 11 is here.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Status

Can anyone jailbreak iOS 11 / 11.0.2 or 11.0.1 is in question. Although we have enough experience in the jailbreak community to know that there is no main linear approach to how work is undertaken or when new jailbreaking tools or software are released into the public domain. Everytime Apple releases new versions of iOS, it very much focuses on patches and loopholes that can used to jailbreak iOS. The world of jailbreaking simply doesn’t work after seeing an introduction of a new major version was released. In fact, we never actually know if any tools are coming until a breakthrough has been made and it’s in the final stages of testing or production.

The jailbreak’s current state is that the latest publicly available jailbreak is offered for iOS 10.2 only. Beyond that no other jailbreak for iOS 11 was released. For firmware version released later than that, we have witnessed already to Pangu Team showing off a functional jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1, as well as KeenLab demoing one at MOSEC 2017 for both iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11. Unfortunately, there’s very limited info known about the progress, and also there’s no real word now whether or not the China-based teams will actually package it together and release it for consumption.

All before that, there has been no public demo of a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 although it seems like KeenLab’s jailbreak might work on 10.3.3 as well given it works on iOS 11.x. But there’s stil a total silence on both iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11 jailbreak front as far as the jailbreaking community since the aforementioned KeenLab’s demo.

With iOS 11.0.x now out for everyone, it’s very much expected that 10.3.x might see a public jailbreak given how many vulnerabilities Apple has blocked in iOS 11 compared to 10.3.x. But the fact it still won’t hold our breath for it until we see any confirmation from a credible jailbreak team or developer.

Apple still signing in iOS 10.3.3, you might really want to sit on it, or downgrade to 10.3.3 if you have already updated to iOS 11.0.x. Just if it gets any jailbreak in the coming weeks. If iOS jailbreak is what you really want, we’ll suggest sticking to as older of iOS 10 as possible as any version of iOS 10.x has greater chance seeing a new jailbreak solution than iOS 11 at this point in time.

Those who want to roll back from iOS 11.0.x to iOS 10.3.3, check out our guide here: How To Downgrade iOS 11.0.2 / 11 To iOS 10.3.3 / iOS 10 [Tutorial].

We’ll keep an eye and you updated on all the latest from jailbreak world. Stay tuned.

Update x1: KeenLab has posted a video demo of their iOS 11 / iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak, which you can check out here.

Update x2: With Apple released iOS 11.0.1 now, we have updated the post above to reflect the changes.

Update x3: Now that iOS 11.0.2 is available to download. The post above has been updated to reflect required changes.

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