Just Pay Rs 10 To Watch Unlimited Movies Using This Free Filmz App For Android, iOS Version Is Coming

There are many ways to watch movies (English) on the Internet web, where you can find a huge list of content online which providers can log in to right away, with some being free but ad-supported, and others being fully paid. Apps like Netflix, Hooq, and recently popular Hotstar are well-made, easy-to-use, and offers massive libraries of movie content and much more.

South Indian contents, such as Tamil and Telugu movies that you want to watch, you might want to prefer to turn to a specialized regional provider. For that, comes Fast Fimz into the scene. App that currently has a small library of over 150 Tamil movies, with plans to add Telugu films soon while expanding the Tamil catalouge through 2016, and adding more regional languages over time in India.


What exactly Fast Filmz app ready to offer:

* Fast Films lets you stream Tamil Movies for Rs 1 per day.
* You can stream unlimited movies as long as you have a subscription.
* Telugu movies are also being added next, and more regional languages films to follow, such as Marati, Kannada, Bengali etc.

This app itself has a simple, easy-to-use interface that puts a lot of focus on the “Superstars” of the blockbuster movies. Of course, the app is a paid one, but only charges quite low; you don’t have to commit to an entire month’s subscription, nor you have to pay a sum not more than a mere Re. 1 per day, with support for carrier billing.

With that said, users can subscribe to a monthly plan of Rs 30, or can also choose to get a Rs 10 for 10-days pack. There’s no cap on the number of films you can download or stream live currently, so that you could stock up on all your favorite movies for just Rs. 10. Essentially, this service brings a truly unlimited cinemas into your desk, without any advertisements or pop-ups.

Important to note is that, this app service also adds another feature that is probably more useful, you can pay for subscription directly via your Mobile carrier – Fast Filmz has tied up with the likes of Aircel, Vodafone, Airtel, and Idea, covering almost all of the major providers. in the country. However, the app is divided into six sections – Stars, Scenes, New Arrivals, Showcase, Explore, and My Downloads.

The Stars section is the star here, and showcases large posters with images of the actors, listing their movies, alongside a link to the Scenes section which includes clips of the actors, and a ‘crackers’ rating, which is actually used for a leaderboard. You can also give crackers to your favorite actors or actresses to make them sit on top rated starts section in Fast Filmz.


Cons here is that the library is still quite small, for example, in the stars section – you get famous starts such as Rajinikanth, Jayam Ravi, Vijay, Trisha, and many others, but when you tap on Rajinikanth, you’ll see only seven movies right now. Most recent of these was Kuselam – released in 2008.

Tapping on the selected films, you will notice the synopsis, where you can then choose the video quality for downloading or streaming. The app also showcases the size of the file, detailing you all about it so that you can decide whether to grab it, depending on your data connection. You can indeed download the files to your mobile devices to watch when offline, or if space is a problem, stream movies when online.

The audio and video quality on the mobile screen remains pretty clean even on 2G network streams. But it takes some time to buffer, at the medium setting (176MB for a full movie download), it was able to play smoothly after the initial loading time, and the quality is quite admit-table.

Fast Filmz says it’s working on this right now, and hopefully a future update will also add the option for subtitles in different languages. You can now download Fast Filmz app for free on your Android devices from Google Play Store, iOS version of the app is in development, according to the company.

(Download Fast Filmz for Android via Google Play for Free)

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