Apple To Ditch 3D Touch In iPhone Models This Year To Cut Costs

Although the iPhone’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screen offers a variety of clever features, a new report circulating on the web suggesting Apple may release some iPhones without the use 3D Touch to save money. Here are the details on it, if believed.

3D Touch is obviously one of the best polarizing technology Apple implemented in their 64-bit smartphones, and the thought of Apple ditching it altogether is something that may not have cropped up for most people.

The 3D Touch, which made its debut in the iPhone 6s, is a brilliant but underappreciated piece of screen technology. Now KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an often reliable Apple watcher following up claims from January that a new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will be cross between an iPhone X and the iPhone 8 later this year with the possibility that it may not ship with 3D Touch at all.

To save costs on a newer display, Kuo predicts that Apple’s new 6.1-inch phone will have an updated display, means it will ship with an all-new screen touch technology. That display will supposedly see costs increase by between $23 and $26, with Apple set to offset that extra cost by cutting corners elsewhere. 3D Touch, claims the report, is where money will be saved, not entirely.

According to Chinese website Feng, who has seen a research note by Ming-Chi Kuo, claims that report to be safe, leading Kuo to predict that because Apple’s new display module is more expensive, it may give up 3D Touch features to balance costs.

The new 6.1-inch iPhone will sue something called Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) technology which will reportedly allow the display to be lighter and more impact resistant than what is used today. The memo notes seen by Feng, the iPhone’s touch module will also be moved from the display panel to the surface glass, with a “thin-film sensor” also included, but it’s unclear what that exactly is and what it does.

What we do know is the fact that the removal of 3D Touch doesn’t seem too farfetched given it’s quite polarizing, some finds it useful and some others useless. Apple has also been rumored to be developing new technology including touchless gesture controls and a curved display. While the new display technology will not just be part of the 6.1-inch iPhone this year, all iPhones released in 2019 will come with it built in.

Apple will use that new CGS display on all new iPhone models in 2019, and that 3D Touch may be scrapped from iPhones altogether in the future, something that was unimaginable not too long ago.

(Source: Feng [Google Translate])

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