Kodi 17.1 Release Candidate 1 Is Available To Download

Those eagerly waiting for the most popular media center software Kodi update has a good news as a big release in Kodi 17 Krypton, the team is already hard at work getting the software’s next big fix release ready for prime time.

Kodi 17.1, attaching the codename Krypton from version 17.0, is now ready for testing and reached the initial Release Candidate stage, with the RC 1 build now available to download and test on compatible devices and platforms already.


While the Kodi developers announced that the new downloadable version of Kodi 17.1 RC 1 was ready to go further outlining a list of bugs that are currently fixed as part of the release candidate.

Those who are a heavy Kodi user will sure be familiar with a few in there which is an excellent news that the Kodi team is intent on minimizing the number of issues users were contend with. Below is just a selection of the bugs fixed in this new release:

Fixes done in this release candidate:

• Update Estuary and Estouchy with some bugfixes and improvements
• Fix EDL skipping
• Fix slow song smartplaylist
• Several PVR fixes
• Update Chorus webinterface
• Fix addons not being marked broken when they are updated with broken flag
• Add limiter on random songs which should prevent large memory usage on big libraries
• Improve keyboard mapping during button mapping
• Improve analog stick handling
• Improve plugin performance when building the content list
• Include RTMP inputstream add-on for Windows

Continuing with the announcement of the latest release candidate, the team behind Kodi also took the chance to remind everyone that they are but a small team, and thus, as a result, not all bugs can be eliminated. In fact, the announcement also served as a request for assistance from any developers willing to join the fray.


We do want to note that since we are just a small team some of the reported bugs might not get fixed due to lack of developers or time. As such we would certainly welcome any developer who has the ability to help us out to try and fix the bugs he or she encounters and submit it to our code base for review.

That’s what we have here. If you are a Kodi user and know your way around some code, please do help out if you have time. All Kodi users thank you in advance!

Kodi 17.1 RC 1 builds can be downloaded over from kodi.tv.

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