Kodi 17.2 Update To Fix Malicious Subtitles Issue Is Coming

Very soon Kodi 17.2 will be released as well made available for download to fix malicious subtitles issue among other things. Here are the details on it.

Kodi is one of the best online streaming of media essential and is fastest becoming content streamer in different ways at home to consume media. New services are being used and experienced on a daily basis by media lovers. Including Kodi, Popcorn Time and VLC are playing a major role in content streaming media files, but researchers are now suggesting that users of those platforms could be putting themselves in a situation of being compromised by malicious subtitles.

Which is what this issue that Kodi developers have come out with a statement speaking that “We will release 17.2 which will have the fix this week”. It may initially seem like a relatively low-key, innocuous problem that wouldn’t have much impact given its niche nature, though research firm Check Point has gone beyond taking an opportunity to describe the attack vector as the most widespread seriousness of the issue and easily accessed vulnerability of this nature which either way offers literally no resistance from the users’ end.

Most of such with subtitles are entirely legitimate and above board, but it seems that some individuals creating this content with malicious intent can use that subtitle system to hijack the machine it’s being played on and wreak havoc. And what we can only assume is that following this revolution, developers of various other media platforms will soon follow suit in fixing this vulnerability.

A piloting demonstration video highlights the issue and shows exactly how easily it would be for an attacker to compromise a system should they need to. Luckily it seems that the owners and maintainers of different affected players, are more than aware of this problem and have already been working behind the scenes to fix the vulnerability to ensure that users cannot be affected by this type of attack going forward.

As for Kodi users, version 17.2 should be coming out pretty soon for all supported platforms with a fix for it, and we will keep your updated as and when it rolls out.

(Source: Check Point)

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