Kodi 18 Android TV Features Full Description Explained

You are free to now download Kodi 18 Leia alpha nightly build which is very much under heavy development work process. The ever-popular media centre app Kodi is relatively going through another period of iteration, after making version 17 available for everyone to download, the app version 18 – codenamed Leia enters the party of media streaming experience.

Kodi 18 Android TV Integration Details

The folks behind Kodi have today published a new blog post outlining some of the new features and explained changes that will arrive as part of Leia, and if you want to try some of them, you can do so by installing the latest nightly build of Kodi for yourself right away.

The kodi team has announced some of these few features coming to Android TV few days ago in the form of a video, but this time they have given a full description in detail. Focusing purely on new features that will benefit those running Kodi on a device powered by Android TV, Team Kodi’s post reveals what the team is working on currently. One of those things in concern is better integration with Android TV itself, pre-loaded with support for voice search and library navigation from within the Android TV’s menus.

Finally the time has come that Kodi joins this elite group and will now be able to show [its] library content on the Android interface as well with full voice and search integration. You will get suggested content like unwatched random movies, and episodes to continue binge watching them till the end. For the music enthusiasts we show you random albums from your library to keep your listening as diverse as possible

Voice search by means on Kodi 18 Android TV also uses Google’s own system to allow searches to be carried out from the TV home screen. Finding that latest episode of your favorite TV show is now just as simple sentence away.

Those already tried of having to use an on-screen keyboard to enter text within Kodi will now notice, also get in on the voice action, because entering text can now be done by simply speaking to your Kodi-powered Android TV in a similar fashion to voice search.

… from now on you can use voice to text typing using the same button on your remote as for the Voice search. To make use of this feature simply do the same as you normally do but instead of typing with the keyboard use the microphone button on the remote and speak.

New features really sound something you want to try out, then you can download the latest nightly build from the Kodi downloads page. The latest version can be installed over the existing app, meaning you should not need to set everything up again. Just remember folks, this is not finished software, so expect plenty of bugs here and there.

(source: Kodi)

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