Kodi Alexa Video Skill / Addon Lets You Play Movies And More On Kodi

For those avid Kodi users, here what we have is Amazon’s Alexa Video Skill, an add-on package that lets you all play movies, and more on Kodi installed TVs or Set-top Box. I bet you love this new Kodi Alexa Video Skill, which it pushes the Alexa and its voice services initiative into a perfectly harmonious relationship.

These Skills are essentially the power packs which drives Alexa, allowing third-party developers to use Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit to build something which acts as the brain behind all of the devices which integrate Alexa. Literally, there are thousands of Skills available for those individuals who own one of Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices, mainly Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Who can develop Video Skills for Alexa? Anyone can develop a video skill, which is relatively easy because the voice interactions are defined by Amazon. And the Alexa service knows how to interpret the user’s speech and what messages to send to your video skills. You can set up Alexa Video Skills, which let you control your supported video or TV service through your Echo and Amazon Tap device(s). Otherwise, you can also use your voice to change channels, find movies and TV shows to watch, and control playback.

It’s also an opportunity for those developers to extend the capability ofAmazon’s devices and to provide a more personalized experience to those who not only own an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or similar. But also other hardware or installations which these Skills can tie into. With this particular Skill, it’s all about Alexa and Kodi working together to allow device owners to invoke the playback of videos with a simple voice command.

There is a new addition added to the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), the Video Skill API. This enables developers to add capabilities, which include a set of built-in video content search and control capabilities, have the ability to search for a TV show, play a movie or change a channel, among others.

This Skill not only uses Amazon’s Video Skill API for Alexa but also ties in with the Kodi Connect Server experience to allow the functionality to take place and to allow Alexa to actually call down to the Kodi installation, locate the required video content, and actually invoke its playback as per the initial command. Examples, a device owner with the Skill installed could say “Alexa, play Kong: The Skull Island” in order to start the playback of the King Kong movie from 2017.

Additionally, you can use a service like Spotify having an album or artist with the same name as a movie, then the user could also go a little deeper and say “Alexa, play the movie, King Kong.” Also, this particular Skill supports the existence of multiple Kodi devices or instances in the home and uses the name of that device as specified on Kodi Connect. To lead, a user with Kodi installed in the bedroom, called Bedroom Kodi, could say “Alexa, play the movie Kong: The Skull Island on Bedroom Kodi” in order to instantly invoke that movie in the correct place.

At the time of writing, the Skill is currently in beta state, with more information including download and installation, available over at the relevant GitHub page.

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