Kodi Android Installer: Get Downloaded And Use It The Right Way

Here’s how to download and use the Kodi Android Installer app addon on your 2017 Android-based device on which you are planning to install Kodi.

From the Google Play Store, you can easily install Kodi on Android devices, but that’s not the right way as we all think correct. The latest exciting news here is that the Kodi team means that anyone running Kodi on an Android-based system can instantly grab themselves the free-of-charge Kodi Android Installer add-on.

As the name itself suggests, the Kodi Android Installer is a fast and perfect way for Kodi users on Android devices to update their installed version of Kodi to any version being offered by the team seamlessly.

This particular release for any Kodi user who has the media center software installed on an Android-powered device is very much exciting, even when they don’t have access to the Google Play where apps are uploaded and updated automatically, such as the Fire TV Stick. Originally, the existence of this app means those users no longer need to go through any other process of manually uploading or updating to a new version on their Fire TV Stick or other Android boxes whenever a new version of the software is out.

The whole thing means that even those who can access the Google Play Store can get earlier access to pre-release Kodi builds, such as Kodi Nightlies. Let’s take a look at how to get it downloaded on the device and use it. Here’s How To Download / Sideload Google Play Store APK the easy way.

Step 1: With the Kodi installation up and running, select the similar search icon from the top of the UI, and select Search add-ons.

Step 2: Enter the word Android into the search field and hit OK. You will now be taken to a new interface which shows search results based on the criteria given. One of those will be uploaded by Team Kodi and will be called Script – Kodi Android Installer. Select it to view its individual page.

Step 3: Now, select the Install button. You will be taken back a page where the install will take place and a percentage will show next to the package name. Once installed, you’ll be given a notification of success by Kodi.

Step 4: You can go all the way back to the Add-ons section on the home screen, and here you will see the Kodi Android Installer as an available add-on. Selecting it will instantly give you a menu that allows you to access Nightlies, Releases, Snapshots, and Test-Builds, each of them will appeal to different types of Kodi users.

If you select the category you would like, such as the Nightlies, and then drilling down through the categories to pick the version that you wish to install or update to. The Kodi Android Installer goes through the rest of the process on your choice to install/update the specified version over the existing version.

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