Kodi Is Coming To Windows 10 And Xbox One As A Full UWP App

The ever-popular Kodi media center is currently available for Windows PCs as a Win32 program, soon the app will be able to install on their Xbox One. As the news about that comes after it was confirmed that the developers behind Kodi will be making the move following their success on the Windows Store.


As of now, you may not be able to install Kodi directly onto the Xbox One, but it doesn’t mean you can’t cheat a little. The latest report comes in a brief situation suggesting that it’s coming back to Xbox in the near future, which was available from the Windows 10 Store via the desktop app converter.

At Microsoft’s Windows Developer Day event for the Creators Update, Redmond-based company was keen to announce that Kodi’s developers plan to transfer their work to be a full UWP-compatible app. Otherwise means that no loner will it be kept away from the Xbox One, and will soon be available via the Win 10 Store as an Universal Windows Platform app that can effectively be run on any of Microsoft’s platforms.

Announced at the Windows Developer Day Event, the non-profit XBMC Foundation said that it’s working on a Universal Windows Platform version of Kodi, allowing it to return to Xbox. Those old enough to remember will note that Kodi was originally Xbox Media Center (XBMC), specifically designed for the very first Xbox and installed following jailbreaking of the console. There are also come fairly complex methods of getting Kodi working on Xbox One already, but it won’t beat a native app anymore.

Something of coming home story for Kodi. The software was later changed and rebranded as Kodi, before becoming one of the most popular media center applications across multiple platforms. This new move to the Xbox One (and Xbox One S) is a combined situation, more official affair and 100% legitimate, making the whole story an amazing one.

Neither Microsoft nor the folks behind Kodi have announced an exact timeframe for when their UWP app will land on the store and in turn made available on the rest of Microsoft’s platforms, including Windows 10 Mobile, but we’ll try and reach out for more information to learn. Can wait for a time when we can again install Kodi on our Xbox One S without jumping through hoops is in question.

Kodi is available for free on every other device we sort of. The fact that it will soon also be available for the Xbox One as well just heats up greatly.


Kodi recently has received a big update, with Kodi 17 “Krypton” being the newest of its kind of media center app now available to download. Next step from it is the application version 18, codenamed “Leia” in honor of the late Carrie Fisher.

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