KRACK WiFi Exploit Patched In iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS Betas, Confirms Apple

You already know by now that KRACK WPA2 vulnerability making possible to hack WiFi through its encryption used by the majority of access points and routers around the globe. Thankfully now, Apple has confirmed that it has a fix for its own iOS and Mac devices.

The fix Apple built into the latest version of both iOS and macOS beta releases and the final release will be made available to the general public in due course.

The KRACK WiFi vulnerability was only just made public but it has a potential of giving someone access to your network traffic even when connected to a seemingly secure network. With Android, Windows, Linux and others most impacted by the vulnerability, it also put them at risk. Apple confirmed iMore’s Rene Ritchie that a fix is not only in the works but also in the hands of beta testers across both its mobile and desktop platforms and programs. Once the updated versions of iOS and macOS have been installed, the vulnerability will be dealt with.

Apple has already started taking care of its smartphones, tablets, and computers, but there will still be a huge number of devices that are vulnerable. The use of the HTTPS protocol doe goes some way to alleviating the issue because traffic to the destinations with remains encrypted. However, any traffic relying solely on the WiFi router or access point to provide encryption via WPA2 will be at a big risk.

Still waiting for the updated software from Apple and indeed the likes of Google and others as well, The best course of action is to use VPN to ensure all remains encrypted.

(Source: Rene Ritchie [Twitter])

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