Latest 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone And 2018 iPhone X Plus Dummy Units Leak Online, Here Are The Photos

We all are closer to witness the launch of new iPhones or the big announcement day of 2018 at Apple campus for sure. We’re also confident that we know exactly what Apple will be announcing with three new handsets on the horizon.

Two of that hardware received their latest leak. With notorious Twitter leaker, Ben Geskin, sharing new images of what he believes are dummy units for the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

Otherwise, the images which we see are pretty similar to those that have been shared elsewhere and further corroborate elements that we have already learned over the past few weeks.

One of those elements is a single rear camera on the LCD iPhone. Whereas the larger, more unique 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus looks set to continue the dual camera trend that the iPhone X and Plus models feature. Another difference amongst the two is the material that is used as the phones’ main body.

It has been speculated that the LCD iPhone will have an aluminum body in an attempt to share off valuable cents and dollars whereas the iPhone X Plus will be made of stainless steel metal. Again mimicking the iPhone X’s construction, the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus is expected to be the replacement to iPhone X, but to also feature similar construction, too.

Moving on to a slightly thicker bezel on that LCD model. This time around, there’s an extra space required in order to accommodate the hardware required to make LCD panels work. Of course, few would call the bezels large especially compared to older iPhone models.

There is a little more surprise in the new images, where it does show that previous rumors do appear to have been right on money, as has become the norm with the last few year’s worths of iPhone launches.

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