Leaked Galaxy S7 Edge Photos Show No Camera Projection And Impressive Benchmark Score

Although Samsung’s Galaxy S7 became the hot topic smongst smartphone fans today, and with good reason though. Holding a March 11th release event in the United States and Europe but as yet officially unannounced, the handset that will become 2016 Samsung flagship is set to be one that will offer improved performance and a slightly redesigned exterior. Yesterday it was said that there won’t be any Galaxy S7 Edge+ launch in the UK, as Samsung don’t want to repeat its mistakes, but reportedly set to unveil Galaxy Note 6. Both of these things are now all-but confirmed after a new leak provided photos of what it appears is a prototype Galaxy S7 Edge.

Images of Galaxy S7 Edge come from a source that has proven reliable in the past, show a smartphone with a plastic chassis and a barcode on back. However, the Galaxy S7 is expected to have a glass rear, but given the presence of the barcode, we can admit that this being a prototype or pre-production device rather than the official thing that will be winhging its way to customers next month.

The photos are clear and not authentically great either. From the thickness of the edges, it seems this might be the Galaxy S7 Edge. Gone is the camera bump, and that module is also now encircled with the same color as the rest of the device, adding to the color-matched look of the device.

Rear shot of the alleged Galaxy S7 Edge prototype showing a reduced camera hump
Accepting the overall aesthetics are real, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are set to be gorgeously-looking smartphones, if these leaked photos are anything to go by far. One shot triggered the device running AnTuTu Benchmark test and almost scoring 135,000 points. What about performance?

Front shot showing AnTuTu Benchmark test results
We’ve come across plenty of Galaxy S7 leaks of late and don’t expect that to slow down until an official introduction comes from Samsung. Actual question left now, that is whether the company will have anything left to announce when it kicks its announcement off on Sunday, February 21st, at 7 P.M CET in Barcelona! May be?

(Source: Review Dao [Google Translate], Weibo)

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Update X1: Now that we have got here are the leaked Galaxy S7 design and accessories. Included is a battery case that is priced at €89.99 packing a 2,700 mAh battery, it supports wireless charging. And reportedly it was said that the Galaxy S7 Edge will have a 3500mAh capacity, and the S7 with 3,000mAh unit.


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