Leaked iPhone 7 YouTube Video Showing Off Fully-Working Lightning EarPods For iPhone Pro In Action


A new video surfaced seems to show in detail the new audio accessory that will ship with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 next month. Made available to the public, the YouTube video shows a working set of Lightning-compatible EarPods that are widely expected part of the iPhone 7’s value proposition when it officially announced during the September-bound dedicated press event.

This year’s iPhone, might be calling it the iPhone 7. Suggesting that it could be called the iPhone 6SE, will be the first Apple smartphone to ship without the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack. The removal of that connection has meant in favor of Apple which will take to replace the standard 3.5mm EarPods. Speculations thus far included a set of Lightning-enabled EarPods, a wireless offering built with Bluetooth, and even a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter.

The creation of a set of Bluetooth-based EarPods would definitely likely the most logical solution for Apple, but this latest video clip gives us the clearest indication to date that the iPhone 7 will ship with what pro could potentially be an interim Lightning-compatible accessory.


There’s still no concrete proof accompanying the video is to be believed or trusted that the accessory is genuine, but nevertheless, it looks to have the same and exact quality that Apple would provide, and the accessory company has fairly demonstrated that the hardware actually works with a device, so we at least believe it isn’t an elaborate mockup.

Apple’s new EarPods for iPhone 7 looks exactly the same as the current accessory that Apple offers, save for the fact that these ship with a Lightning termination rather than 3.5mm jack. Being a consumer, if you had actually set your heart on purchasing the next iPhone in that hope that you would receive some kind of innovative wireless accessory, then you can go down the route of buying a set of headphones that do work wirelessly.

Check out the video embedded below for yourself. There’s nothing that big to say about the use of Apple provided solution.

(Source: MobileFunTV [YouTube])

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