Leaked iPhone SE Display Assembly Photos Confirms No 3D Touch

What’s best making inside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hardware was the 3D Touch authentication and that lacks in the speculated Apple’s 4-inch iPhone model, this time around. Prepare yourself for the launch of 4-inch iPhone SE, as we get closer to the the whole rumored March media event. With privy to a research note from KGI Securities analyst suggesting that the iPhone SE would not only fall under the $400-$500 price range, but also aknowledged it would also ship with a 12MP camera module that’s more performant than what has been expected. Now that we have come across a number of leaked images that could potentially be of a display assembly pulled directly from the iPhone SE production line. Believe it!

Details on what we are admitted to know about the iPhone SE with 3D Touch activity has surfaced. The first purported component leak for the 4-inch iPhone model has emerged via Nowhereelse.fr, where the images claim to depict a screen assembly of the upcoming 4-inch model. The leaked display assembly of iPhone SE – not 5se or iPhone 6c as previously presumed – is shown side-by-side against an exposed iPhone 6s unit for comparison. The images also show pretty much everything that we would expect from a component of this type. The new images seems to confirm that 3D Touch components are absent from the 4-inch device, but there’s a protruding ribbon from the top of the diplay assembly that will connect to the new iPhone for power and transmission of media.

This is consistnent with rumors to date that suggest the 4-inch iPhone will incorporate Live Photo support, but not 3D Touch, which is somewhat considered a flagship feature for the iPhone 6s line, could be equipped with the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this fall. However, it’s said the leak itself has been provided by a source that has previous records of revealing components pertaining to new Appl devices before they officially drop. With that said, it’s highly likely that what we’re looking at is an official representation of the iPhone SE’s display.

If this indeed the original display of what so-called the 4-inbch iPhone SE, then its setup deviates from that of 6s, in fact missing the protective metal element found in Apple’s current flagship. That’s 3D Touch, most important element of the display also missing from the SE assembly when compared to that of iPhone 6s as pointed out in the image above.

The overall device design and components used within, KGI Securities analyst believes that the new unannounced iPhone SE will have a serious impact on the smartphone market. Analysts and partners expect sales of the 4-inch model to rise by 131% over a year-on-year basis, should represent an approximate 37 million units sold in 2016. That would also include sales of the existing 4-inch iPhone 5s, which expected to receive a 50% price cut with the release of an all-new device.

The iPhone SE is expected to be announced during a March 15th media event.

(Source: Nowhereelse.fr [Google Translate])

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