First Look At iPhone 7 A10 SoC Offered By Leaked Photos


We are not sharing an Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 prototype or detailing  the iPhone 7 Plus, while a full month left to expect the announcement of the two new iPhone hardware. New photographs have appeared online, seems to give us a glimpse of the new A10 SoC that will power the yet-unannounced devices.

On Weibo by Chinese repair shop GeekBar, the shared images could be fakes easily enough, though this source has although been accurate with leaks in the past. Furthermore, the chipsets and their pins shown in the photos do bear a parity to the A9 used in previous-generation iPhones.

Showing off what is believed to be a unfinshed chip, the photos may give us our first look ever at the powerhouse, that will power iPhone 7/ 7 Plus when they go live on sale next month. The chip in case does appear to be incomplete in that all four sides of the PCB which are labelled.

One side is labelled in the photos suggests the fact that this is a chip still under construction and missing vital parts that will go beyond making the A10 SoC into the finished product that will power up Apple’s newest iPhones.

The TSMC is radically expected to be the only supplier of Apple’s faster and likely more capable A10 chips. Last year it seems Apple spread the load between TSMC and Samsung for A9 production, the latter, this year is not expected to have any hand in the production of the newest CPUs.

Apple is expected to make an announcement of the new iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 7 Plus as soon as September 7th, with the release comes just over a week later on September 16th. The latest Apple iPhones to be announced are expected to be no different to those released earlier in years gone by.


(Source: Weibo)

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