Leaked Teaser Video Shows Off Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Waterproof Abilities In Action

On February 21st, get ready for #TheNextGalaxy. As Samsung Unpacked media event takes on to introduce its 2016 flagship line up before MWC. Rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge has been circulating online and in different colors both the devices were shown and one thing is imminent and that is the most interesting capability of waterproof, which the South Korean electronics is bring back. Till now we have no concrete evidence about Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 waterproof abilities, but nevertheless a new teaser video surfaced claiming that both the devices are water resistant. To proove that you have to watch the complete video clip in action.

Leaked teaser video however appeared on an Indonesian Samsung page which of course has an early look. The YouTube video spotted by Phone Probe, which looks like it’s meant to be a launch-day teaser, and hiding on Samsung’s Indonesia-specific site. We don’t get much by the way of hardware specs, but this details something unknown in the minute-long video. It looks like the leaked press photos are spot on and the Galaxy S7 in the video looks more identical in design to the S6. Wireless charging and some level of waterproofing appear to be confirmed, and authentically, there will be a version with curved edges.

Although the teaser site doesn’t give us much more; a focus on privacy, waterproofing and durability, and low-light photography are all hinted at. That the devices will be IP68 waterproof certified, and there will be SIM-card and microSD card slots on the top.

The video clip shows that the journey of an athlete from training to the actual competition and she uses the Galaxy smartphone to help herself. The hardware shown in teaser is being used in heavy rain which certainly points to be waterproof certified and also showcased wireless charging and the usage with the Gear S2 smartwatch as well.

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