Lets Talk About MagSafe-like 3.5mm Magnetic Headphone Adapter

Meet Mack, a 3.5mm connector for headphones has two magnet-tipped parts – one to plug into an output headset socket, its round head peering out ever so slightly, while the other acts as a sort of a sheath for your headphone’s 3.5mm audio jack.

Apple's MagSafe-like Headphone Adapter

Apple Music is already there released few months ago and there are awful of individuals who listen to MP3 songs via headphones. If you use headphones with your computer on a daily basis, or use it with smartphone or tablet devices or any other iPod like gadgets and of course also called as portable music systems, might be interested in buying Mack Magnetic Headphones connector, because it has all sort of things that make it easy to anyone seamlessly.

It’s an inexpensive adapter, called Mack. A Hungarian startup claims to have the cure for this age-old bane of bumbling humans, which can infuse some magentic awesomeness into any 3.5mm audio connection. It’s like Apple’s MagSafe, but this time launched as headphones.

The Mack has been designed to fit 3.5 mm headphone connections and is easily installed in either iOS or Android handsets for any other device equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Once you’ve installed both the male and female Mack connectors, simply snap them together to establish the audio connection and can also be disconnected easily.

Mack 3.5mm Magnetic Headphone Connector

Matter here is that the magnet bond between the Mack’s two parts is supposed to be incomparably more accident-proof than a traditional connection. You can bid the farewell to the fear of damaging your device in the event that you accidentally end up snagging your headphones cord on something. It really matters with the Mac, the only thing that’s likely to break is the magnetic connection.

The $14 single-device Mack kit is available at an introductory price of $8. You can pre-order this MagSafe-like Magnetic Headphone add-on from Indiegogo, will be shipping it on delivery in January 2016. Available to buy in a variety of color options, including brushed metal, orange, natural green, tamato red, cobalt blue and ebony black.

Learn more about how to install and use the Mack headphone connector which is taken to Indiegogo to raise $20,000 to go into production. Its developers explain more about its unique design and efficiency right below.

Watch the video:

The Mack employs a uniform, clear and modern design. The elegant (brushed) aluminum surface with the engraved logo immediately captures everyone’s attention, without being ostentatious. The primary design goals are the most ergonomic style and the smallest possible size. Your Mack comes with an elegant, specially tailored aluminum case, matching the same color, which can be inserted in a key holder. A wide range of colors is available, so you can match your choice to the color of your favorite headphones or earphones.

(Source: Indiegogo)

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