What Exactly LG G5 Specifications And Accessories Are, Worth Checking Out

Today, LG also introduced a range of companion devices with the LG G5 launch. First and foremost note is this. The G5 also comes with a slide-out battery that allows users to swap the battery in a matter of seconds. It sports a dual-camera set-up on the back with a 16 megapixel camera and a wide-angle eight megapixel camera.  More details can be checked out right after this jump.


Here: LG G5 With Powerful Snapdragon 820 Chip, Modular Add-Ons, Dual Rear Camera Launched



What is LG 360 CAM? It is a compact 360-degree angle camera equipped with two 13MP 200-degree wide angle cameras, which has 1200mAh battery and 4GB ROM and supports microSD card. It can be connected to the LG G5 smartphone allowing users to create 360-degree content. It supports 2K video and has a 5.1 surround channel recording on three microphones.

Price, Release Date For LG Rolling Bot
About LG Rolling Bot. It rolls like a ball, while the same time capturing images and videos with its embedded 8MP camera. It still has a monitoring system for the homes, pet care companion as well as a remote controller for capable home appliances and works perfectly with the newly launched LG G5.

Now that integrated with H3 by B&O PLAY, which are a set of high-end earphones compatible with the high-quality sound of the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY. LG Smart Controller on G5 allows users to easily control certain drones and users can check the video stream from the drone through the LG’s new smartphone in real-time.


The LG 360 VR headset, which can be connected to the G5 via a dedicated cable and works exclusively with the G5 to simulate a 130-inch TV viewed from two metres away.
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