LG G6 Could Get 3D Facial Recognition Capabilities In June

New report from South Korean surfaced claiming that LG could be priming 3D face-scanning technology for its latest flagship, the LG G6. Isn’t it interesting now? According to The Investor, the Korean electronics has secured a partnership with Oez, a local company which develops facial recognition software. Here are the details in full glory.

LG G6 likely to adopt 3-D face-scanning tech

As per the latest, LG has secured a deal with facial recognition software to implement its technology into the G6 as early as June. The feature that could eventually make it introduction alongside LG’s new mobile payments platform – LG Pay. Said to arrive in time for the launch in South Korea, where the OezFR software would be used to support a facial recognition verification option. This would become the first time facial recognition is used for contactless payments in the smartphone sector.

Why LG chose Oez? Apparently, the tech giant chose to work with Oez because its software (OezFR) is very much considered to be easily compatible with other high-end handsets such as the LG V20 and LG G5 also. OezFR comes with security measures designed to prevent the bypassing of the facial recognition authentication method by simply using pictures and is quite small in size (between 3.5 and 5 MB), and come with “privacy measures to prevent hacking attempts with pictures”.

Speaking to local media outlet, an industry source declared that LG might decide to integrate the 3D facial-scanning tech in an unconventional way:

Should LG utilize OezFR to support the payment system, it will be the first time for a facial recognition system to be used for financial transactions in the premium smartphone sector.

This is however be an exciting prospect for mobile payments but the timelines seem short – employing a new, highly secure, and essentially unproven payment verification function into their new flagship within the next six weeks or so sounds like a big ask. When concerned, with facial recognition just unlock a phone, never mind complete financial transactions.

While all of this sounds great, we can’t help but wonder if 3D face scanning is something that actually ready to bear such great responsibilities. Samsung although demonstrated that it is a quick and easy way to access a device when it unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but security concerns emerged almost immediately following the “Unpacked” event. Here’s How: Galaxy S8 Facial Unlocking Feature Can Be Bypassed With A Photo [Video]

Still, this is just speculation for the moment as we don’t have any official comment from LG. But technological advancements in the field could quickly make facial scanning a safer alternative to fingerprint readers. In fact, the global smartphone leaders such as Samsung, Apple, and of course LG are all betting on this new biometric authentication capabilities, a method is a clear indication that the contactless authentication system has a lot of potential.

Do you think the prospects of 3D face scanning for secure payments is safe enough? Is the tech fully read-to-integrate solution? Stay tuned for more!

(Source: The Investor)

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