LG G6, Galaxy S8 Release Dates Leak Ahead Of Press Events

Samsung and LG both are gearing up to officially unveil their flagship devices for 2017 in the next few weeks. While we have got an exact release date for the LG G5 successor, and already know a lot about these handsets, though there’s one important detail about the two is still a mystery. New reports are painting a clearer picture in that regard now, leaking out the South Korean release dates for both handsets. Here are those to note.


Just yesterday we came in front of a full and complete specs sheet of Samsung‘s upcoming device, the Galaxy S8+, which is holding a larger screen than the original unannounced Galaxy S8. Rumors has spoken their part and according to ETNews, the LG G6 is going to beat the Galaxy S8 to market is in discussion.

In that case, the LG‘s G6 flagship would be the first one out of the gate was an easy guess, as LG is planning to reveal the phone at MWC 2017 event in Barcelona on February 26. While the Galaxy S8 was once thought to be making an appearance at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung has since confirmed that it won’t be introduced in an official capacity until March.

In fact, the LG G6 has once been revealed (presumably on the given date), the South Korean pre-sales will begin on Marc 2 and last until March 9. Then, on March 10, the LG G6 will be released finally. Assuming everything comes true, it would make the G6 the earliest release in LG’s flagship line – the G5 and its predecessor G4 were both released in month of April, while the G3 wasn’t released until May in its launch year.

However, Samsung won’t be revealing its next-generation Galaxy S8 until an event in New York on March 28. It’ll be a nearly a month of unveil and the Galaxy S8’s April 21 release, giving the LG G6 six weeks to grab the attention of consumer’s without rivarly from Samsung.

Keep in ind that these are South Korean release dates, while Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S8 globally on April 21. It’s unknown if LG will do the same thing with the G6, we can only expect it to launch in the US sometime around that March 10 Korean release.

Currently, nothing is set in stone until these details are confirmed by both the Samsung and LG. The official confirmation we’ve been wiating months for should be arriving the pipeline shortly, so keep it here at TechGiri.com for more. Take these release dates that makes a lot of sense with a grain of salt for now.

(Source: ETNews)

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