The LG G6 Promises Higher-Level Sound With An upgraded Quad-DAC Output


It seems like what the LG V20 featured similar technology should Korean electronics bring as well onto the 2017’s LG G6 flagship. Details continue to surface suggesting LG’s upcoming G6 smartphone, and today a new statement emerged as the company revealed that the upcoming device will feature a 32-bit quad-DAC superior system promising improved sound quality. Here’s everything you need to know about.

The last year’s LG V20 device has been used the same technology that gives higher-level sound control over each earbud independently, resulting in a clearer, more balanced audio, LG claimed in a press release. Also Read: LG G6 Teaser Reveals ‘Big Screen That Fits’ A Compact 5.7-Inch QHD Display Phone

Explained as the analog output on the next G6 smartphone means that while devices like the iPhone are going aux-free, it’s likely the G6 include a headphone jack, as per the reports. High-performance audio chipset specialist ESS is producing the DAC. With that said, the technology is being also tested and touted as an improvement over the similar quad-DAC featured on V20 of 2016 phone from LG, which indeed praised as being “great for audiophiles.” Also Read: LG G6 Specifications May Include Waterproofing and Wireless Charging

Of course, LG has a big challenge in the future with its rival Samsung and Apple being working hard in bringing the best smartphone to the market with a majority of changes and upgrades made, and the LG’s G6 will be unveiled at a press event on February 26th, and will feature an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio screen, as per LG.

The G6 hardware is also said to be a water-resistant which reportedly uses Google Assistant, that’s what we expect to become a standard feature on Android device this year. Another source reports that LG is promising to address the shatter-prone screens and bootloops that plagued previous devices. Also Read: This Google App Alpha v6.13 Update May Enable AI Assistant On Non-Pixel Phones

What do you think about the yet-unannounced LG G6? Share your thoughts once you become free from the work in a louder DAC quality.

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