LG G6 Specifications May Include Waterproofing and Wireless Charging

In 2017, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will not be the only hotly anticipated flagship to be introduced, but LG also expected to unveil its successor smartphone to the G5 Modular. Should be the LG G6, tipped to get innovative hardware key features and much more. Here are the details.

It’s all about the LG G6 release date time frame, benchmarks, rumors and among other a little tidy news reports. LG is planning firmly on its next flagship smartphone, may be announced LG G6 in February next year. The first reports brought to table some interesting info – the G6 will be dropping the Friends expansion in favor of a sealed body and seamless design,

The latest speculation regarding the upcoming LG G6 smartphone sheds more light, claiming that the Korean company began to use water-resistant adhesive on its flagship G6 displays and this suggests that may indeed feature a waterproof body. In fact, Samsung and Apple have already regenerated the water-proofing feature on their next-generation devices. According to the rather another report from ET News suggesting the LG G6 will also gets support for wireless charging.

Considering LG’s V series has a good track record of enhanced protection against splashes and shocks and the Galaxies getting all water tight, it’s only a matter for LG to try this out and match its rivals. The company has already made available of a Japanese-exclusive V34 water-resistant smartphone “V20”, so there’s that too.

For those interested in removal battery, the new LG G6 phone is expected not to have that advancement. LG is looking further into a more expensive waterproof adhesive versus a cheaper water-resistant tape.

Final words about the rumors, the LG G6 is also said to feature a mobile payment system which the company is setting itself to be released. Surely making sense as the demand for both is growing these days.

(Source: The Investor)

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