LG G7 Neo Leaks In An Hands-On Video With iPhone X-Like Notch At MWC 2018 Gathering

The latest from LG has officially been announced the V30S, alongside at MWC 2018 – spotted the company’s flagship G7 Neo. But that device seems might have scrapped during the development phase. Here are the details.

LG was reportedly said to launch its flagship G7 smartphone but it didn’t because it seems like it has scrapped that device to focus on a device codenamed Judy instead. LG’s next flagship is expected to arrive sometime in June but again, the canceled device might have been spotted at LG’s MWC booth.

The G7 (Neo) was scrapped for another phone, it’s appearance is surprising, too. It might feature flagship specifications, but its future is a complete mystery. It’s strange that the LG G7 (Neo) exists, let alone that it showed up at this year’s Mobile World Congress for the mobile industry.

According to the popular leaker Evan Blass, the G7 (Neo) might be the device LG scrapped in favor of the device Judy. Since LG plans to completely retire the G-series moniker, we exactly don’t know what Judy will officially be called once it becomes available.

There’s now been cast into further doubt following the release of a video which appears to showcase a new LG device and, interestingly, it is called the LG G7 Neo. The new video appears to have been filmed recently during MWC, an event or a gathering of a mobile industry being held in Barcelona that acts as the annual big get together for gadget makers that do not happen to be Apple.

There has been a big announcement, Samsung did it with its Galaxy S line updates, and now it also apparently a show that gives not just unreleased, but also unannounced and unconfirmed LG flagships, too.

From what we can gather, this G7 Neo has a raft of impressive features that should see it receive plenty of attention. It features a 6-inch 3120 x 1440 OLED with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and a notch at the top, a terrible design which has unfortunately caught on with other Android phones, such as ASUS ZenFone 5, OnePlus 6, Huawei P20, Doogee V, etc. Samsung, on the other hand, didn’t copy iPhone X-like notch. And of course, Google too is getting into the game by bringing native support for notch displays in Android 9.0 P this year.


Coming to the original part of the phone, there is also an inclusion of a Snapdragon 845 CPU and either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. Storage options differ with 64GB or 128GB and there are two cameras around the back, which are vertically-aligned 16 MP cameras and fingerprint sensor. A 3000mAh battery is also present, we presume the phone runs Android Oreo out of the box, and still, there’s no official word.

There is also no official word on the G7 (Neo) itself. The phone seemingly came out of nowhere and is a total enigma to us all.

As soon as we get any additional information to what the LG G7 Neo is, hopefully, all will become clear in due course. As for the video, you can check it out at the source link below.

(Source: Ynet)

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