LG L25 Leaks – Rumored To Be The Company’s First Firefox Smartphone

LG not only bringing new handsets to the treat but this time around adding a rather unexpected member to its next smartphone portfolio. Dubbed LG L25, said to be the company’s first phone to be powered by the Firefox platform. Dig it!


Leaked into the wild and comes complete with a sketch of the yet-unannounced device and also shows up in screenshots depicting its user interface. According to the tipster, @upleaks, the LG L25 will be available for Japanese carrier KDDI and won’t be coming to any other markets.

Regarding the LG L25 specs, we have got nothing important as of now, but the Firefox OS is mostly about budget devices so you should not expect anything top-end hardware innards. Of course in the upcoming future we’ll probably get to find out more about the LG Firefox-based smartphone, as new leaks and perhaps an official announcement come our way soon. Stay tuned!


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