LG UX 4.0 For LG G4 Teased With Quick Shot Expertise Camera Mode Ahead Of Launch

Reminder for those who are unware of LG’s G4 smartphone arriving this April 28, and within the prepartion the South Korean company also has made another new announcement before its unveil. Officially on its YouTube channel uploaded a teaser video showcasing a snapshot of the LG UX 4.0 expected to debut with the flagship. More details on what actually the LG G4 handset is coming with, and you can foind out more about it after this jump.

LG UX 4.0 unveiled with focus on ‘Smart’ features for upcoming G4

The company has introduced LG UX 4.0 for its forthcoming smartphone flagship, which will come with an easy-to0use interface and by offering high-end functionalities through the user settings on the LG G4, the UX 4.0 integration is purely based on Androd Lollipop. With the improvements however in the LG UX will make the best of it.

From the starting version LG UX 1.0 brought with it the Q memo and Q Slide, followed by the UX 2.0 brings Knock On, Knock Code and Quick Cover support and in the 2014’s, the UX 3.0 came with the LG G3, got Geasture Shot and Touch and Shoot capabilities, and finally the UX 4.0 for LG G4 bringing Quick Shot, Expert Mode in Camera, new gallary, Smart Alerts et al.

Key Features Of LG UX 4.0


  • Quick Shot – Easily allows you to immediately take a picture even when the phone is still locked by simply pressing the volume down button twice.
  • Smart Board – Gathers information from various sources like calendars, music, and health etc, into a single screen where you can see them all at a glance. Each app has a widget form so that the user can see them at a glance. Speaking of calendars, t
  • Expert Camera mode – Adds professional-level features through a variety of settings.
  • Calendar – The new Calendar app allows you to drag and drop events from social networks like Facebook into your calendar. If you set multiple schedules in one place, those can be managed together. You can also drag an event from SNS to the calendar.
  • Gallery – Images are arranged in separate albums as Memories based on the place and time it was taken. Now lets you see your photos grouped by date or location, helping you remember and relieve those memories.
  • Smart Alerts – Offers notification based on environment and lifestyle. Not only that but it can also make suggestions on what to do on a sunny day, whether biking, running, or playing basketball, depending on the user’s particular hobbies.
  • Ring ID –  Set separate ringtones for different people in the address book which lets you assign a different ringtone for certain contacts, making it easier to identify who’s calling even without looking at the display.

Once again confirming that LG’s smartphone will indeed make its first public appearance at the end of the month. And LG says that the UX 4.0 user interface will be coming to its other devices in future, continues with LG G4.

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