LG V30 Is Getting Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio Features And More

Today LG has released something new on the enhanced Quad DAC audio technology that will be included in the upcoming LG V30. Here are the details you really want to know about.

When compared to last year’s V20 smartphone, the first phone to feature 32-bit Quad DAC for audio and the G6 has a similar DAC. LG has announced today that the V30 also features a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P.

What makes the LG V series interesting is how much LG tries to pack into its phone. Alongside a dual-screen design, the V20 offered a study build, microSD card support, a removable battery, dual-cameras, and a powerful Snapdragon processor – first of its kind to run Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box.

Another area where the V20 excelled was audio, featuring a Quad DAC sound system. Prior to the unveiling of the LG V30 on August 31, LG sent out a press release earlier today. And also provided some information on the improvements it has made to the sound system for its new handset.

The Hi-Fi Quad DAC now gets two new features: digital filters and sound presets.  The original Hi-Fi Quad DAC emphasized delivering Hi sound as close as possible to the source by minimizing distortion and white noise. And the Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers more customizable options.

Instead of specifically aiming for a truest-to-real-life audio experience, LG says, this time, it’s deliberately making this DAC more customizable. The included digital filters will come in the form of four presets: “Enhanced,” “Detailed,” “Live,” and “Bass”.

In Brief: Highlights of LG V30’s audio

  • Digital filters improves the pre- and post-ringing of the impulse response with filters that can be customized to personal tastes.
  • There are four optimal pre-programmed settings: enhanced, detailed, live and bass.
  • The Hi-Fi Quad DAC controls left and right audio signals separately, adjusting balance and LG has managed to cut the distortion rate down to 0.0002 percent.
  • The audio paths are wider than ever in the V30 so it can process large, high-quality audio files without any lag and with greater accuracy.
  • Includes technology from partner company MQA Ltd. that facilitates high resolution audio streaming
  • HD Audio Recorder in the V30 features the capability to use the audio receiver of the phone simultaneously as a microphone (Receiver-as-a-Mic or RAM). The RAM can record loud sounds clearly, so the LG V30 can record a wider dynamic range of sounds, from a whisper to a thunderstorm, without distortion.

This allow for a premium listening experience without the need to download sizable audio files or use up “large amounts of mobile data.”

Furthermore, LG said that the V30 will come with a set of high-quality B&O PLAY earphones. The V30 houses an “HD Audio Recorder,” which allows it to use its audio receiver as a microphone. This should allow the V30 to record both loud and quiet sounds with greater clarity.

The LG V30 will be announced in Berlin on August 31st, 2017 at 9:00 am CEST (12:30 PM IST). Stay tuned for more and pricing?

(source: LG Newsroom)

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