A Smartphone With A 9-Lens Camera System In The Works

Going right into details, Light is that manufacturer planning to introduce a crazy smartphone which is equipped with a 9-lens camera system on board. Here’s everything you need to know about the report and the plan.

Most of the phones now come with one camera or two for taking selfies, many now ship with two around the back. Some even offer three cameras with an aim of giving users new photo-taking superpowers, but is more lenses always better?

The folks over at Light are hoping after announcing that it is experimenting with a device that has between five and nine camera lenses on its rear-facing.

Light, the company behind the impress looking L16 camera which already manages to squeeze no fewer than 16 lenses into a device that can be slid into your pocket. The Washington Post writes, the company isn’t going to stop there and is working on prototype phones that could eventually have up to three times as many lenses as even the most camera-laden phones of today.

According to Light itself, the multi-lens array that is in place on its current, and notably working prototype phone means that it is capable of taking photos up to 16-megapixels large. This will, presumably, ensure improved low-light capabilities and depth effects that we have yet to see from more conventional smartphone camera startups.

Despite this, the Light L16 camera has never been so popular to take the world by storm thanks to its high price and limited software capabilities. However, by moving its lenses into a smartphone the company has the ability to leverage other firms’ software while also fundraising of the hardware that will already be there like a Kickstarter package.

For now, we have this and we will have to see whether the Light technology pops up in a big brand smartphone in the future. Or if the company wants to try to get things up into the smartphone game itself. But no matter which of those two happens we can apparently be sure there is going to be plenty of camera lenses attached to it. Crazy enough!

(Source: Washington Post)

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