iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks List Compatible For 64-Bit Devices [Updates]

Here’s what we have is a growing list of iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak tweaks compatible for 64-bit devices on Cydia for jailbroken ones using the recently updated G0blin and Meridian semi-jailbreaks.

You only need to take a closer look at the jailbreak community to see how much it has changed and described as the “good old days” of jailbreaking.

Although the community was packed with individuals containing the necessary skills to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in the iOS platform, then piece together a jailbreak around those discoveries. But the majority of those individuals split around by relatively inexperienced developers using multiple open-source projects to create a jailbreak. Better than nothing? An ideal solution? Definitely not.

What we have to accept is grateful for it as a community. The latest iOS 10 jailbreaks – G0blin and Meridian – offer device liberation (hack) for Apple’s 64-bit devices running iOS 10.3.3, which otherwise sits nicely alongside previous jailbreaks like h3lix which offered support for the same firmware but running on Apple’s 32-bit devices.

Once you get that device jailbroken, the next stage is getting a set of jailbreak tweaks and experiences installed on the device through Cydia and its repositories, which actually wouldn’t be offered officially via Apple’s App Store. This is when device owners turn to Cydia and the real power of jailbreaking.

The real question here is “what packages are originally available and compatibility with iOS 10.3.3 on Apple’s 64-bit devices?” That’s where the community-driven spreadsheet comes to scene into importance. Those who are already jailbroken on that firmware, with a 64-bit device, are asked to head into the continuously evolving Google Sheet and add individual tweaks that they have installed and tested.

Doing so, well definitely gives them the ability to mark the tweak as working, partially working, or not compatible at all. And, with a massive asset to the community which could stop a lot of device owners from trying to install entirely broken packages which could have an adverse effect on their jailbroken device.

The fully updating compatibility list for iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak tweaks at the time of writing can be seen above.

Have you jailbroken iOS 10.3.3 32-bit device, and want to check out the tweaks compatible with those devices?

(Source: Google Sheets)

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