Logitech Announces HomeKit-Compatible POP Smart Button For Controlling Smart Devices

Logitech has announced a new POP Smart Button switches compatible with Apple HomeKit automation for controlling connected devices around the home. Automation gizmos are still in their relative infancy, and with Apple’s HomeKit finally starting to see some major adoption now. Here are the details.

Logitech is the latest to do exactly that. All of those who launched devices before it are currently starting to update their existing kit to allow it to talk nicely with Apple’s infrastructure, though the idea behind the original POP is to free up control of smart devices so that anyone in the home can operate them regardless of whether they have a smartphone and the associated app for each device.

The latest Logitech’s POP builds on that premise by introducing HomeKit support, enabling it to be customized through the Apple Home app and somewhat integrate with other iOS smart phone accessories. With its customizable POP Smart Button receiving a refresh which allows HomeKit support via a new hub that will be available exclusively from Apple Stores at launch.

The Logitech POP Smart Button Kit includes one smart button with three customizable gestures and a POP bridge to connect the button onto a WiFi network. Users can be able to extend control throughout their home with additional POP Add-on Smart Buttons which can be obtained in four colors. Each POP bridge can connect to an unlimited number of buttons.

These new POP devices are essentially hardware buttons that bridge the gap between old fashioned on/off switches and the latest world of home automation. Interestingly, these POP buttons have always been programmable, only supported specific devices up until this point. By integrating HomeKit support, Logitech has today opened its buttons up to a whole world of home automation possibilities that they were previously unable to tap.

Plug and POP Add-on

“Using POP Smart Button with Apple HomeKit is easy when paired with Apple’s Home app—POP already comes pre-paired, so discovering the device with the Home app is simple and secure. Just configure the scenes you want and let POP do the rest. Whether turning down the lights to get ready for bed or opening your smart blinds to expose some daylight, POP gives easy control to the whole family.

Uses! The POP Smart Button can also be used with non-HomeKit devices, such as Sonos Wireless music systems, or Logitech Harmony hub-based remote controls by simply using the companion Logitech POP app. This is the exact situation in which standards and protocols come into action handy, and after a couple of false dwans HomeKit is now finally begenning to show its full potential.

A single Logitech POP Smart Button can be interacted with in three different actions: with a single press, with a double press, and even with a long press. This allows different interactions to be used in order to trigger different things in different ways, and with HomeKit support those things could be anything from turning a lamp on to changing the lighting condistions and then turning a home entertainment system on for movie night.

POP Smart Button gains Apple HomeKit Integration

In addition to compatibility with Apple HomeKit, the Logitech POP Smart Button offers the ability to control Osram lighting, Hunter Douglas and Lutron blinds, and much more, extending interoperability beyond existing integration including August, Philips Hue, and Logitech Harmony.

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