Logitech POWERED Wireless Charger Announced: A Qi-Certified Charging Stand For iPhone X

With Apple continuing to struggle to get its own wireless charging pad, AirPower, Logitech gives all of us a charging stand for iPhone X making it easy to charge without wires while the handset remains usable. Here are the details on it.

Logitech doesn’t actually already have a wireless charger in the market, the latest is something the folks over at Logitech are keen to rectify with the POWERED wireless charging stand, a stand that will go on sale later this month.

If you’re being an iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods owner, the Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat can’t come soon enough, before that, for the iPhone, Logitech has a new wireless charger launching this month for $79.99.

It’s the Logitech POWERED Wireless Charging Stand, which has been designed in collaboration with Apple. But POWERED certainly offers a different take on what a wireless charger should be. As a result, it’s arguably the stand that should have been released by the Cupertino company last September.

Reminder: Apple did used Logitech’s technology in the past, particularly iPad keyboards. However, Logitech’s solution charges the iPhone only with no support for Apple Watch or the AirPods Charging Case. Typically they take the form of a mat you have to carefully position your device on to ensure charging starts. That’s not the case with POWERED.

Here’s how it can be used? When on a table the stand allows the iPhone to charge both vertically and horizontally, making it a great solution for anyone who wants to use the stand to facilitate movie watching.

Logitech created a stand that’s compatible with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. You slide the phone into guided by the sides of the stand meaning alignment is never an issue. It’s even compatible with iPhone cases up to 3mm thick. That stand can also technically charge any Qi-compatible device although the slower 7.5W fast-charging standard used by Apple will mean that anyone using Android devices that are capable of faster speeds may want to look for something else.

As already mentioned that Logitech’s POWERED wireless Charging Stand can still be used while wirelessly charging, it supports positioning your iPhone in a landscape orientation if you want to watch a video, for example, while charging happens. Very clever!

Note: The stand from Logitech is also capable of supporting a Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9 and S9+ and also offering those handsets a charging output of 5W. So even if you aren’t an iPhone user this wireless charging stand may be useful.

Final touches. In the box, you get the stand and a 1.5-meter power cable. Logitech built-in safety features meaning the charger is protected against overheating, the baser is constructed of non-slip materials, and of course, there’s still no internal moving parts such as a fan so zero noise when in use.

Those waiting for an official AirPower mat, especially considering we don’t know how much it cost, then this is a great Logitech’s solution that is available later this month, set to offer through its website and Apple stores. After that, it’s sure to appear at all the usual online retailers for a similar price point.

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