Look At The Top-End Nokia Concept Phones [Images]

Till 2016, there is no chance for Nokia to manufacturer and introduce new smartphones, but nevertheless it doesn’t stop from designing a Nokia concept phone, reagrding what Nokia made Android smartphone would look like. It’s all about imagination and rumored specs, designed a new concept phone for the Finnish company.

With three new images of the Nokia phone concepts, we here got to retain a similar design-esque as the Lumia series line-up. Additionally, the phone is purely made of metal and not polycorbonate. However, the device looks quite heart touching especially with its unibody design language.

When talking about the bezels on the concept Nokia phone, makes it all more premium and arguably the buttons on the sides stand out from the overall body due to its black shade. Power buttons integrated on its left whereas the volume rocker and camera button lies on the right side of the phone. Essentially, you will also get the Nokia branding right on top of the hanbdset, along with a larger front camera sensor besides it. Unfortunately, the designer has all done well to blend everything into one architecture altogether.


One of the three images of the Nokia Abdroid concept phone also show the device in Yellow, perhaps could be polycorbonate version of the design and that looks simple great enough.

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