Download OS X 10.11 El Capitan Developer Beta 1: All Features Detailed In One Place

Mac OS X El Capitan has been announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco, which is the latest version 10.11 desktop operating system. Features, release date and developer beta 1 download and every other detail about it can be found here.


The new desktop OS from Cupertino is not the major revamp some users had ben anticipating it to be, but it does build on Yosemite’s advanced feature set and takes it even further. Apple on the other hand making sure that the overall experience is a rather rewarding one for every user that comes across it, rather not introducing substantial new features and magic tricks.

First of all Apple has introduced two most notable tweaks in El Capitan, such as the new Windows-like window management system, allowing users to snap window into place which essentially leads to more productivity. Second one being the introduction f some new geastures to help trigger actions without tracking from the bottom, which again, a very handy inclusion.

Apple has however pushed for a more powerful and smoother user experience, and there’s still have small little gems littered all over the place, like the new audio button in Safari, tab pinning, natural-language search throughout the OS etc. According to Apple, OS X El Capitan is much more faster than its predecessor, and perhaps the most impressive update is in addition of Metal support, which lets developers make full use of the hardware El Captain is running on to deliver the ultimate performance in gaming – similar to what and how developers can on iOS.


Said that the new OS will be available to consumers this fall, which tipped for October and if Apple’s last year’s schedule for Yosemite’s final release in anything to go by. Further, Apple is also considering releasing a public beta of OS X El Capitan in July 2015.


Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan Features

Pinning Tabs in Safari

You can now pin browser tabs in Safari by simply dragging them to the left of the browser where hey will be pinned. Opening any new link from within the pinned tab will open that link in a new tab.

Full Screen View in Mail App

Users will be able to access the Mail app in full-screen mode while allowing you to add tabs to a New Message windows. Spotlight has also been updated to search using more places, which includes weather and sports score and can also be resized and moved to any part of the screenn as well.

Multiple Desktops

Users will now be able to give themselves more room to work with on your Mac using multiple desktops. The Space Bar key is at the helm of this seamless function.

Windows-Like Split View and Snap Feature

Two Windows can now be arranged side by side and the sizing of the windows will be done automatically. Windows will display an MS Windows like snap behavior when user rearrange them.

Audio Button in Safari Address Bar

Somewhat like Chrome, Safari now displays an audio speaker icon in the address bar for any audio the webpage might be playing. Users can click the icon to mute the audio as well. Natural-language Search throught the OS you can find, which is a kind of like Siri. Feature that allows you to make queries using natural language in the written form. For example “How many unread emails do I have in this month?”

New Geastures and Performance

A new geasture based system has been included which is similar to iOS. Using it users can quickly delete mesages fromthe Mail app, without having to hunt for the delete button. Apple says that OS X El Capitan is much faster than OS X Yosemite, and apparently it’s twice speeder than Yosemite in switching apps, and about 1.4 times faster when launching new apps.


This is the technology used by Apple on OS X 10.11 El Capitan that enhanced gaming development on the iOS platform, is now coming to Mac as well. Promising a massive improvement for firther games on the platform.


Finally, if your’e a registered developer on the Apple Developer Program, can grab the first beta of OS X El Capitan right away. If not enrolled in the session, do it now. Remember that you just install i on a spare Mac, since it’s pre-release software, where things can be rough around the edges and don’t expect the routine to go smoothly.


Update: Alternatively, Mac users who wish to participate in beta programs but who do not want to be full fledged developers can opt to be included in the OS X Public Beta program instead, which will include OS X El Capitan in July.

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