Download OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 Final Version Released For Macs

Apple has made final version of OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 download available for supported Macs. Fairly after receiving a in-depth period of testing, which involved mulitiple seeds being issues to registered developers and publ beta testers, Apple finally released the latest version of OS X now ready to be consumed by the general public. It’s the fourth major version update in the lifecycle of OS X El Capitan, officially released in September of last year, and clearly opens the main doors for the introduction of OS X 10.12 this coming June.

After releasing a total of six previous pre-release beta seeds, today’s roll out as follows taken OS X 10.11.4 from an initial set of ideas and concept all the way through to a finished, polished release that brings with it a number of enhancements to MacBook and iMac owners. Previous iterations of either OS X and iOS have included nothing more than undr-the-hood improvements designed specifically to enhance the overall user-experience from a usability perspective. Thankfully, the OS X 10.11.4 nevertheless, brings a little more than that to the table by actually introducing a new level of outward changes that the Mac user can directly interact with.

Those downloading and installing OS X 10.11.4 from the Mac App Store’s software update mechanism will find additional support embedded within the stock Apple Note app, first. This involves importing notes into the Notes app directly from the Evernote to improve a user’s workflow and connectivity with popular tools. Also finds itself a handy new little feature that includes the ability to password protect any sort of new or legacy notes within the app, which is the feature that tries in nicely with Apple’s iOS 9.3 update that allows notes to be protected both with passwords and biometrics authentication via Touch ID.

More interesting is that it brings a lot of those MacBook and iMac owners, have also holding an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, OS X 10.11.4 additionally brings in support within the Messages app for dynamic Live Photos. To capture Live Photos from a Mac obviously isn’t possible, but this update does mean that if a Live Photo is sent via Messages ap, and received on the Mac, user reciving it can now view the dynamic content within the app itself.

Changes comes in a little basket limited in number, but mixed together with the security and stability improvements have taken place behind-the-scenes, by making it a really solid release for Mac owners.

Mac users running an older version of OS X El Capitan on their notebook, can update to OS X 10.11.4 right now from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store, directly over-the-air (OTA).

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