Latest OS X El Capitan Beta Hints At 4K 21.5-Inch iMac Display, Multi-Touch Bluetooth Remote

Apple although seeded the second beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan to developers along with a few pretty interesting features to the list of new inclusions. Now that according to the source, citing reference points found within the El Capitan beta. Details are starting to come to light and digging for new functionalities and more.

As per the reference, Apple is looking to add at least two worthwhile products to the market: “A 4K 21.5-inch iMac display, as well as a Bluetooth remote with multi-touch support,” could be bundled with a brand new Apple TV (4) at some point down the fall.

First and foremost the hinted new display, as per the 9to5Mac report, the new OS X El Capitan beta aims supports for a Mac display with a 4096×2034 pixels resolution. Here’s why that? Wheraes the larger 27.5-inch iMac display packs a 5K screen, the smaller panel could be upgraded with a 4K display.

Top of that, there is another reference to a new Intel graphics chip (GPU), well knwon as Iris Pro 6200. Especially, its a Broadwell-integrated chipset which would be a perfect fit for 4K resolution display. Hints in two stands to reason that Apple indeed has a perfect upgrade for the 21.5″ iMac coming down the line.

The latest El Capitan beta also gives us a glimpse on a new Bluetooth-enabled multi-touch remote, shedding lights on it also able to connect to devices through an infrared sensor, which the remote includes a trackpad that offers multi-touch support and mix up with inertial scrolling functionality for good reason. Device might also support audio, and by means that Siri functionality would be onboard as well.

If this news becomes accurate and really Apple planning such functions and adding these inclusions, we can more expect to see this Bluetooth remote, which could be a nice companion app to an updated Apple TV set-top box, and an earlier report from this year stated that a refresh and upgraded Apple TV model would boast a remote with a touchpad.

The report indicates this and that aforementioned, but wait, nothing is official as yet. References does suggest that Apple has some hardware to announce later this year and for now, take these points with a pinch of salt.

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