Magic Slot On New LG G5 Smartphone Would Be Playing Better Role In The Future

Most important to note is that the LG G5‘s magic slot makes every one wonder how it becomes the best feature in smartphones, that could be replaced by many other mobile makers globally. Worth checking out the little Magic Slot now, below.

It was LG, announced its new flagship smartphone, called the G5 – at Mobile World Congress on 21st of February 2016. At the time of announcement, it does introduced something radically different hardware key. At the base of the gadget, LG built a small slot that might just change everything, magically.

Here’s how the thing works on LG G5 smartphone:

The new slot gives LG the distinction of being the only all-metal smartphone with a removable battery, which obviously the major rivals such as Samsung and Apple, have failed to achieve. But the slot also makes the G5 a first of things else, something much more exciting.

It also been clalled the Modular smartphone from LG, it’s entirely new gadget modules, like a camera grip or a hi-fi DAC can be inserted in the G5’s battery slot, enabling the phone to do much more than browse Facebook and send mails. Though, it’s not as crazy as Google’s Project Ara prototype, but still has more futuristic elements than anything we’ve actually seen in the wild.

Smartphones by mean, are a technology-related hardware that clears away gadget cutter, and replaces all the tech needs that we used to own: MP3 players, point-and-shoot cameras, and pocket calculators were all rendered useless once we started carrying a smartphone.

LG’s camera module comes with an extra battery and manual camera controls
If Project Ara was a more anticipated attempt to redefine the smartphone as a modular gadget, then the G5 really took the leap towards that vision. LG seems to understand that its first two modules aren’t going to set the world on fire. As per the spokesperson from LG although told that more accessories are upcoming, but the G5 will launch this spring with only a small pool of add-ons to choose from.

The LG G5 can still be a big success so long if it gets people thinking that it is not only a smartphone that can do more than enough browsing the web and send emails, but can change your mind with its intriguing and powerful magic idea. Accessories, can also make a big leap here once it is made available to purchase.

The G5 is a modular smartphone certainly the begenning of something different that everyone wants to get their hands-on it once launched.

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