Major Issues With WhatsApp Bug Is It Allows Blocked Numbers To Send Messages

Beware! A huge WhatsApp bug allows blocked contact numbers to get in touch with people by sending authorized messages. Numerous users of the popular messaging app say that they have blocked – potentially – are now able to reach out of them and send messages.

Blocking contacts in WhatsApp is an unfortunate business, and that’s one that nobody ever really wants to have to do. That’s because, there’s no alternative, and if you want to stop someone from messaging you, seeing your status or accessing your profile then the only way forward is to block them.

Today, we are talking about something that it would appear that an unfortunate WhatsApp bug is rendering that block useless, at least in some instances.

According to the folks over at WABetaInfo, this major issue itself appears to be on the server side rather than anything caused by the WhatsApp app itself. That means the bug likely also impacts WhatsApp no matter which app you are using, so this is not something limited to just Android and iOS devices.

It looks blocked contacts might sometimes be able to see your profile picture and last seen. It really seems a server side bug.
I recommend you to remove the blocked contact from your Address Book, to configure Privacy Settings on “My Contacts” and mute the blocked contact’s chat

The problem appears to go away if the person is unblocked and then blocked again. But many users might not be aware of it: the bug not only allows people to send messages but also to see people’s status and profile details.

In fact, WhatsApp allows its users to block any particular contact, banning them otherwise from ever sending messages. Such tools are of particular use to people who have been in bad relationships, for instance, who may not want to hear from their ex-partner. But bugs like these discovered in WhatsApp allows those people to get around those blocks, and send as many messages as they want.

Reports of the error are widespread on Twitter and other social networks. It appeared to be affecting smartphone users, suggesting that the problem is on WhatsApp’s servers.

Well, if you find that you are one of those impacted by this then the person you previously blocked will not only be able to see when you are online or what your profile says but unfortunately, they will be able to send you messages, too.

Right now the only option you/we have is such a case is to mute notifications for that thread, archiving it once blocking is confirmed as working again. Currently, WhatsApp has not yet said what is going on and is yet to even acknowledge the issue.

Hopefully a fix will arrive soon enough.

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