Man dies while charging iPhone in bath

A man in London was fatally electrocuted as a result of charging an iPhone while he was using it in the bath, a coroner has recorded. It isn’t as silly as you can think how much electricity it would take for someone to be electrocuted in a bath full of water, when water and electricity mixes together a 12v power would become dangerous, and the answer is at least the amount of electricity provided by an iPhone charger pronounced death. The coroner warned of the dangers of using electronic devices in bathrooms, and said he would be writing to Apple about the case. Here are the details.

iPhone warning

The tragedy appears to have occurred because the British man ran an extension cord from a plug socket outside the bathroom and placed the charger on his chest while using the phone, as per the reports. This unfortunate fact was discovered when the resident Richard Bull was found dead in a bath full of water, with his iPhone on his chest.

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According to the reports, Richard’s body was first discovered by his wise, who initially assumed he had been attacked based on the severity of the burns. When police arrived on the scene at Bull’s home they found an extension cord leading from a plug socket in the hallway, with the other end on the bathroom floor. Police Commissioner Craig Pattison said:

“We found an iPhone plugged into the extension cable and then the charger element in the bath,” PC Craig Pattison told an inquiry which was held into Bull’s death.

The PC went on to say that “the extension cable was on the floor and it appeared as though he had his phone charger on his chest and the part between the phone charger and the cable had made contact with the water.”

As a result of the tragedy, Dr. Sean Cummings – the corner – plans to write a letter to Apple asking the company to attach warnings to its phones. Although the official report will say that Bull’s death was caused by accidental electrocution, but the corner looking into the incident did appear concerned that people were unaware that using a charging smartphone while in the bath was perhaps not the best idea. Bringing an electronic device into the bath while it’s plugged into an outlet is probably something you would avoid doing. Only minutes you are left from your device while bathing, after then you can be with your iPhone forever, and if you do things something like this, fortunately, you have to face something like Bull received.


The coroner, Dr. Sean Cummings, told the inquiry that “they should attach warnings. I intend to write a report later to the makers of the phone.”

Apple is yet to comment on the unfortunate death of Mr. Bull, but our deepest condolences to his family in this difficult time. Again, don’t use any, not only iPhone, but any electronic device in a bathroom while its charging or even without a charger. Electricity and water are two dangerous components that gives you light and health benefits, and if you do things like this, put you in the list of death.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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